Is Trello down? ❌


Trello is a web-based project management tool that helps teams collaborate on projects and tasks. It uses boards, lists, and cards to organize and prioritize work. Users can create and customize their boards to fit their specific workflows and add team members to collaborate and assign tasks

No problems at Trello


For those of you, such as myself, who were waiting on the VRAM fix for #MWIII #Warzone … SHG has it labeled as resolved in the Trello board! Good luck ya’ll!


Best issue tracker app? Trello - more public Jira - better reporting GH projects - closest to the code


7:30a Getting eMail down to zero and checking @Trello as the only one I have working support today is Goldy. Checking to make sure she has plenty of work.


Seem @SHGames got a fix for the loadout according to the trello


Is @trello down for anyone else?


Manage the unexpected, without your workflow falling apart! 🙌 Here’s how to set up a robust process for tricky issue escalation in @trello ➡️ #TrelloTip #EmailforTrello #HelpDesk #CustomerSupport


Fun fact: Infinity Ward has lost admin privileges for the WZ Trello Board. Only Treyarch and Raven have control over it. Take this what you will