Is Twitch down? ❌


Twitch is a popular live streaming platform where users can watch and broadcast video game streams, esports competitions, and other creative content. Twitch allows viewers to interact with streamers through chat, donations, and subscriptions. In addition to gaming, Twitch has expanded to include channels dedicated to music, art, talk shows, and more

No problems at Twitch


anyone else having issues using twitch using opera??

TheRageMistress VTuber@TheRageMistress

Great stream today! I apologize for Genshin lagging, I think it was mainly due to my horrible connection to the game servers. But, we still had a blast, and winded down by watching Paternity court before raiding out into cozynekovt who's still live on twitch right now. :D https://t.co/eTKo8NCQtd


never mind! internet + twitch r not working whatsoever on my end oopsies!! we’ll try again next week :3


Is anyone else having problems with twitch mobile? Mine keeps freezing up randomly and acting weird.


Hey @twitch and @Ubisoft my drops are not working for @AvatarFrontiers and i have relinked the account multiple times its NOT working any help on this? #AvatarFrontiers


Anyone's twitch app not working? https://t.co/8It8xkcOC4

Josh Ryder@JRyderGaming

Anyone else having issues with the twitch IOS app when on mobile data? Can’t have it in low latency mode and everytime I @ someone in the chat the app just freezes. Bizarre.


why is geoffrey royce rojas live on twitch rn and not working on an album...


been having technical difficulties getting this up on all platforms now getting many alerts of frame drops. this almost never happens may just go without stream tonight if issues persist so I can actually play the game @streamlabs what is wrong with your multistreaming servers. I can't stream directly from streamlabs without dropping tons of frames, and I can't stream to custom multistream ingest on OBS on another PC - the stream just never goes live. Its very frustrating when I try to set up a live stream for an hour and a half only to restart it 3-4 times and twitch say I'm streaming 15FPS. This has never happened to this extent before where everything is just broken to the max, but I'm done trying with this broken workflow for tonight. just wish a premium service would actually be reliable for once


anyone having networking connecting issues while trying to watch twitch?

Danny Potter@thepottershift

So I was planning to go live around now, but due to some servers not working well, I am not gonna go live today, I have deleted the old save and gonna make the original save ready for preseason for twitch and have a 2nd one for me to play with under the normal game mode

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So like why is twitch not working

Larry Johnson@KilShotFnTTV

twitch and kick servers are down


is twitch not working for any1 cause ive tired on google chrome , microsoft edge and my phone and i keep getting a network error ?

Inc M 4@M40A8

Was about to stream to find out twitch isnt working. get ya **** together @TwitchSupport


@kitsu_udon I come to remind you that the twitch link in your twitter profile seems not working

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I dunno if any of y'all are as ancient as I am in this server but the event from the red team pov really reminded me of twitch rivals that Phil participated in. Why is it that he's always cursed with teams that slowly devolve into chaos