Is Ubisoft down? ❌


Ubisoft is a multinational video game publisher, headquartered in France. The company was founded in 1986 and has become one of the largest and most successful game publishers in the world. Ubisoft is known for developing and publishing popular game franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Just Dance, and Watch Dogs

No problems at Ubisoft


@UbisoftSupport No the issue was not fixed I deleted and am redownloading it now so hopefully that works but probably not fingers crossed


I played 4 games today 1 on alt, 1 on smurf and 2 on main. In those 4 matches I met 9 cheaters (excluding canceled matches) Now im banned on every account for 24h :) @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game


@UbisoftSupport My support tickets keep getting abandoned, or completely ignored. My account was hacked nearly 3 months ago now, the associated email and password were changed, and I suspect now the username is changed too. Don't you have some kind of email change history?


Ubisoft fix your ****. It's been down since last night.


@UbisoftSupport Thank you …. but ? 2FA verification emails not being received ( at least by Hotmail/Outlook accounts) seems common and ongoing. Might save you a lot of time looking at underlying common cause than individual workaround ? Indicative response time ? - seems months for some.


@UbisoftSupport hi - I am having issues connecting to SA R6 servers from my fibre - I can only connect to central or west EU. Works okay using mobile but not fibre. I have spoken to my ISP and they claim it’s a Ubisoft routing issue. please see attached image


Tried to play some #Rainbow6Siege And I only get into bot lobbies and it seems @Rainbow6Game refuses to fix it. It's been a thing for year and they do nothing. @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft fix your game it unplayable on South African servers


@UbisoftSupport Need help on recovering my account and on chat support no one replies


@UbisoftSupport Hello can you assist with account recovery please my account has been hacked and I can't log in


Such an amazing game, but @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport needs to fix the hitbox/detection. I have had this happen to me multiple times, great game, but such trash hitboxs/hitdetection.


@Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport Did the xdefiant servers crash? Had no issues a couple hours ago…


Ahhh good old Ubisoft cant ever have reliable servers. Got 28 ping and connection is perfect and keep getting error code Bravo. ******* trash


Overall, XDefiant is pretty fun. The game has far too many issues for an official release from a AAA company, but there is potential here to make a fairly interesting game if Ubisoft puts some resources and attention into it.


@UbisoftSupport I dont know how I missed seeing this. Yes, I prefer to share that in a support case. Just an update, I still see that is issue hasnt been fixed yet. I would hate to have to start the game over again as I'm more than 50% through the game. I hope they are still looking into it.


Hello @UbisoftSupport where's my money?


@UbisoftSupport Can you please help me get my account back I press reset password and I don’t get a email.


Well lately I have been playing a lot of XDefiant and I see potential but we have already reached a terrible meta which is killing the game already I hope for it's future that @Ubisoft and @PlayXDefiant fix the damage values on their weapons otherwise the game won't last🤔


I really am struggling liking Ubisoft games on the Steam Deck or PC. I lost 3.5 hours on AC Rogue. No clue why. I didn’t install, delete and reinstall. Went to play and all of my previous saves were gone. I have had the issue of playing, deleting and reinstalling with no save.


@UbisoftSupport Not sure if it’s considered lag but it’s the constant letting downed after going around a corner. PC Ethernet connection


@Ubisoft @princeofpersia great @UbisoftSupport … nobody look to my ticket since 2 weekS!!!! worst company ever


@UbisoftSupport If he can have a password reset sent to his email, that'd be phenomenal.


@UbisoftSupport Hi, I'm trying to play on my PC with my Xbox controller, but it doesn't connect. I know my controller works because I can play other games with it, and I can also use it in the Ubisoft launcher. However, as soon as I launch the game and switch inputs, it doesn't work.


@UbisoftSupport wtf is wrong with Ubisoft Connect. This application is a pile of **** and never works.


@UbisoftSupport Please open my support ticket Ubisoft the number is 20859493


@UbisoftSupport Why can I not purchase in game on XDefiant? Game passes show cheaper in game than on website or ubisoft connect store but I cannot buy from inside the game


@UbisoftSupport please can you check out my ticket. Case Number: 20953942 trying to get into contact with you lot is proving impossible! I just want this issue resolved ASAP. Thanks


its crazy how useless @UbisoftSupport is they they my account was hacked and stolen from me and they even helped me get it back and now they cant even unban my account because of the hacker To everyone i played comp with it was fun and thanks!!!!


@UbisoftSupport Need help with the linking of my Ubi account, Twitch account, and PSN account, and I'm getting zero response from any of your support teams. I've been enjoying watching and playing Xdefiant, but not getting the drops I'm earning is pretty lame.


@UbisoftSupport Can someone help me with my account?


@UbisoftSupport hello?