Ubisoft Outage Map

Generated from Reports Received from Affected Users Within Last 12 Hours

Issues at Ubisoft
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Recent reports mainly originated from Paco de Arcos, Portugal; Manchester, United Kingdom; Brisbane, Australia; San Antonio, United States; Stockton, United States; Sheffield, United Kingdom; Gurgaon, India; Sidney, United States; Frisco, United States; Bloomsburg, United States; Charlotte, United States; Atlanta, United States; Munich, Germany; Rockwood, United States; Minsk, Belarus and 45 more

Recent Reports

    • San Antonio, United States
    • Servers offline
  • 3m
    • St. John's, Canada
    • Servers offline
  • 5m
    • Hillsdale, United States
    • Servers offline
  • 5m
    • Charleston, United States
    • Online gaming
  • 7m
    • Sittard, Netherlands
    • Servers offline
  • 9m
    • Vassar, United States
    • Servers offline
  • 11m