Is At&t down? ❌


AT&T is the world's largest telecommunications company and is ranked #9 on the Fortune 500 list. It offers DSL, fixed wireless and DSL broadband internet in addition to TV and phone services. Problems with the internet are among the most common complaints.

No problems at At&t

Ariana Gandhi@beetkid

The first outage ended up being around 72 hrs. But guess what!?!? It's out AGAIN after being up for less than a day. Ended up buying another provider as backup because I work from home and obviously not having internet impacts my livelihood. Big bummer, @att @atthelp.

V1Phunk #4895 🖕🏽🫵🏽 (Socalmonster.eth)@socalmonster_

How the **** is att&t internet down on 3 blocks all day and phone service ****** in those 3 blocks as well

Kim Ahola@kimthecynic

Det gör Mall of Scandinavia rätt i. Det borde vara lag på att ta emot kontanter.