Is BET having a service outage? ❌


Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a cable and satellite television network in the United States that focuses on programming catering to African American and Black audiences. BET offers a variety of content, including music videos, movies, television shows, news, and specials that celebrate Black culture and entertainment

No problems at BET

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BET reports chart · 2023-12-02

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BET outage map · 2023-12-02
fatima bhutto@fbhutto

I am so so so outraged to see this @Columbia and I’ll bet that anyone who graduated from the university will be equally horrified. Any NY based lawyers able to help the students?

brian kitano@BrianKitano

****, OpenAI outage. AI apps are so SPOF-y, willing to bet there will be a market for dumber LLMs with more 9s of availability (bedrock, is that you?)

@CelebrateAwe@mastodon.au Linh Chameleon@CelebrateAwe

This is what a "technical network fault" looks like? I bet the Optus CEO has zero idea what caused the nationwide @Optus network outage. #AusPol #OptusOutage @amaysimAU #OptusDown

Natalie Nichols@NatalieGNichols

The lawfare clearly is not working. What will they try next? You can bet there’s something else up their sleeve.


I bet they'd be disappointed with what an absolute piece of **** politician he became.