Is CenturyLink down? ❌


CenturyLink was an American telecommunications company providing a wide range of services, including internet, phone, and television, to both residential and business customers. They operated in various states across the United States and served millions of subscribers. It's worth noting that in 2020, CenturyLink rebranded as Lumen Technologies. The rebranding aimed to shift the company's focus towards providing advanced technology solutions and networking services for enterprises and government organizations.

No problems at CenturyLink


Hey @CenturyLink day two of WiFi/internet being out in Denver. You have got to fix this ****. It’s insane how slow your response time is.


Is anyone else having a problem with CenturyLink?


Sorry to do this everyone. @CenturyLink we've had no Internet for 49 days what in the complete and absolute **** is happening


Hey @CenturyLink, you have GOT to get better service. You have too many outages to be this unhelpful.


CenturyLink left customers without Internet for 39 days—until Ars stepped in After over a month with no fix, service restored hours after Ars contacted ISP.


If you have an outage tell the customers what is going on. @Ask_Spectrum @GetSpectrum You are becoming like @CenturyLink


Yes Canceled that @CenturyLink **** service. I’m down with them.


#ATTdown Previously Centurylink terminated managed Services support contract with IBM and faced massive outage AT&T terminated contract with Kyndryl and today it also faced massive outage


Is there an outage at 98112 @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHome


Eugene officials said all city office phone lines are currently not working due to an outage with Lumen (formerly CenturyLink.) Officials have promised an update when city phone lines are restored.


All City of Eugene office phone lines are currently not working due to a regional outage with the phone service Lumen (formerly CenturyLink). We will provide an update when City phone lines are restored. There is no impact to 911. If you have an emergency, you can call 911.


Oh ***, I about choked on my coffee! Got another email from @CenturyLink: "Faster internet now available!" So I check to see what they offer in my area. 20 Meg! A whole 20 Meg! Really?! Why even bother? I'm currently getting 100 Meg, Down and Up, with Wahkiakum West Fiber!


I guess it’s time to start saving the @metronetfiber mailers, @CenturyLink. 2+ days of no internet and 25% off my next bill as compensation. Unacceptable.


This #ATToutage will probably be traced back to one network card sending out bad routes or packets. Happened to CenturyLink back in 2018. #outage #ATT


Blue Light On Modem But No Internet CenturyLink (Solutions)


Oh okay it’s just scheduled maintenance causing the outage. It’s so weird how whenever there’s an internet outage, none of the other networks in the building seem to go down??? Why are they all still going strong? Everyone can’t be on centurylink


Don’t let service interruptions catch you off guard. Introducing CenturyLink’s outage tool—your go-to for real-time service updates. Service not available everywhere.


Looking back in my inbox at the last Leap year and saw the email that got me to cancel Xfinity and switch to CenturyLink Fiber. Cut my cost in half & quadrupled my avg speed. It’s never gone down once and I’ve literally never heard from them since it was set up. Highly recommend


I wish I had a T-shirt that says my Coinbase account got hacked and my Spectrum internet is down and Im interested in crypto and my Xfinity internet is down and *** internet is down and CenturyLink internet is down


Yo @CenturyLink fix your **** servers, been experiencing high latency for the passed 4 days. I can’t play the games I want to on my day off. This is bullshit. Im also getting 40MBPS when I pay for 80… y’all are truly awful


Any other @CenturyLink users in Albuquerque noticing a significant ping issue? Been having problems over the past two days and just found out @PerfectDare is having the same problems. CenturyLink's chat wasn't helpful either. Plz help.😭


#centurylink Internet outage for a long time