Is Comcast Business down? ❌


Comcast Business is the business division of Comcast Corporation, a major telecommunications and media conglomerate in the United States. Comcast Business focuses on providing a wide range of communication and connectivity solutions to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

No problems at Comcast Business


So just as we're heading to bed, both lines of our internet went out and haven't yet come back. Here's hoping this is just a @comcastbusiness outage and is temporary, as if I can't stream FF7 Reborth tomorrow that is going to be a huuuge problem. Fingers crossed!


AT&T is down. Let me know if you need a Comcast Business mobile line πŸ™„. Message me… #att #iworkforcomcast #comcast


why does xfinity/comcast business internet always has an issue with their crappy internet ? ****


Yet again @comcastbusiness has crippled our organization with another internet outage. I'm demanding a full refund of this month's charges. Furthermore, you are put on notice: your services with us will be terminated as soon as I find another vendor. #TheWorstServiceEver


For folks in East TN, give @KnoxKUB Fiber a shot. They're cheaper than @comcast @ATT and others, more reliable, and faster. I've had them since July and had one outage, where with @comcastbusiness, I had 2-3 a month. Make the Switch


@talessia_ Imma look into the comcast business. How is the service?