Is Cricket Wireless down? ❌


Cricket Wireless is a prepaid wireless service provider in the United States. It is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. and operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on AT&T's network. Cricket Wireless offers affordable wireless plans and services primarily targeted at budget-conscious customers and those looking for prepaid options.

No problems at Cricket Wireless

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Cricket Wireless outage reports · 2024-03-01

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Overall in past 24 hours we received 6 reports from Hattiesburg, Lake Havasu City, Pahrump

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Cricket Wireless outage map · 2024-03-01
🏏Flashscore Cricket Commentators@FlashCric

Glenn Phillips goes bang! Down the ground for four. New Zealand are on the attack after tea. #NZvAUS https://t.co/iJxX9bEMYE

Tadworth Cricket Club@tadworthcricket

Tadworth CC added our appreciation to those of all Surrey Downs clubs to Martyn Cutmore (Chair) and Alan Pickering (Secretary) for their stellar work guiding the SDL over the last decade as they stepped down from their roles last evening #thankyou #surreydownsleague

Nanya Business@NanyaBu48968749

Is the cricket 24 server down I am unable to sign in on my ps 5 #Cricket24


Steve Smith issues unprecedented update on cricket future #Cricket https://t.co/c6sScKI87k

Mobile News@mobilecom

Major cellular outage in U.S. hits AT&T, T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless users - KEYE TV CBS Austin https://t.co/U9gp6P1TcQ

Kim Komando@kimkomando

$5 credit from AT&T - To make up for the 12-hour network outage. You’re outta luck if you use AT&T’s Business or Prepaid plans or Cricket. Look for it as a credit on your bill. 📱

ravikiran molakala@molakalaravi

Thanks pawala, want to divert your 24 MLA to local cricket issue? Wow. Nice 👍

Cricket Search@NirdeshKum87863

Dear @YouTubeIndia , @YouTube I uploaded a video 3 times on my Channel but I can't see that video in any section Kindly check and solve this issue YT Channel- https://t.co/pqCrRlIZM9

Isabel Waller@isabelwaller13

lol Smile your on cricket, but you won’t be smiling when you have no service #WWERaw

Common Sense Specialist🖤❤️@TwoWees

So @ATT after a world outage on Thursday you telling me or well Marcello told me after paying my bill late y’all still disconnected my service because it was late and I am responsible for the restoral fee huh? @Verzon y @TMobile @Cricketnation what y’all got for me?

Educational CyberPlayGround ₿ thankful ∞/21M@CyberPlayGround

AT&T's $5 paltry credit (plus its many limitations) gets people even madder at AT&T for their outage Per account, not per line. Doesn't include business customers, prepaid customers, or Cricket. AT&T Offers $5 Credit for Service Outage, https://t.co/OAK7clQTuE


Dear @virendersehwag sir, Pls respond on #HanumaVihari issue. Save cricket from politics. @BCCI @JayShah .


AT&T says it will give affected customers $5 each to compensate for last week’s cellphone network outage. Customers will get the $5 credit within 2 billing cycles. The credit does not apply to AT&T Business, prepaid service or Cricket. #ครอบครองปรปักษ์ #CAPCOMCUPX #FRAITA #MAFS


Hanuma Vihari's Instagram post. - He was asked to resign by the association as the captain during the first match for shouting at a player whose father is a politician. It's sad to see what is happening in Indian domestic cricket. https://t.co/ZgqHK5VjQB


#IndiavsEngland #cricket #TestCricket need to correct this update. #error https://t.co/QOMSUWu3tU

Rakshit Bhagwat Kathawate@rkathawate098

Not sure if anyone noticed this, but there is #bug in google page for cricket. Every day you open the page, instance of #Jiocinema keeps on increasing #Google #Bounty #Webapp https://t.co/ZIw8KESIAx

Omar Zahran عمر زهران@omarzhrn

This is exactly what they did when I was managing a Cricket store (who is owned by AT&T) and they had an outage for a couple of days. So many customers felt like it was a slap in the face and ported out afterwards. Curious if the same thing happens on the postpaid side


A note on AT&T's website said that reimbursement will be a $5 credit per account to your AT&T Wireless account. The offer does not apply to AT&T Business, AT&T Prepaid or Cricket. Users of Cricket, which is owned by AT&T, also experienced outages. https://t.co/iEPXUdHpiD

John Bobel - EOC@JBEOC

An update for AT&T customers and a credit coming for the service outage. Cricket customers - that actually use the AT&T backbone - you're outta luck. https://t.co/yeiSnFA2hm

Cambridge Skeptics@cambskeptics

Wireless customers with AT&T, Cricket Wireless, T-Mobile, and Verizon all reported outages across the US. And just like clockwork, some folks online pounced on the disruption as evidence of a global conspiracy, reports @paleofuture for @Gizmodo. https://t.co/rAmm3OGeBy

David Coyle@DavidCo15594164

Really odd cricket team. Can win a game from the dead, also, manage to get on top in most games and appear to lose them all. This one is Down to skill, not bazball. If the pitch just requires a bowler to land it consistently and pitch does the rest, why Hartley…..

Mike Creighton@MJCreighton

After the disappointing match today when SaintsFC chucked away three points, just caught up with the Calcutta Cup to see England gift 14 points to lose the game, so it’s all down to the cricket team to lift the spirits tomorrow morning. I’m not holding my breath.


so my phone carrier was one of the ones that went down the other day and ever since then my phone will say sim failure for 3 seconds before it cuts back on. and does this multiple times a day. anyone else having this issue?

Pakistan Cricket (Parody)@ThRealPCB

Great game of cricket. Went down to the last ball. That’s what cricket fans want more than anything. May be not more than Lahore Qalandars losing. #Karachi #PSL

Amil Harlington@AmilHarlington

Pay $5 more @Cricketnation users. Your unlimited data won’t slow down.

Bradley Singh 🫶🏽@bradleyyyy10

quite down grande to play cricket in this hot sun is pressure but wwgd ?😂

T10 Sports Official@T10SPORTS2

When @imVkohli was out of form, He did not score a hundred (1021 days), which means 2.8 years. Don't spread hate against any players .You guys have a problem seeking attention. Your authenticity playing Plastic Ball in Gali Mahalla cricket Source - https://t.co/FI97mt59jY https://t.co/ie29DpqKYc


See people be talking down and prepaid services like cricket, metro boost, etc. 🤣now look AT&T has a nationwide outage, just a reminder it could happen to any company😭


A number of Americans are experiencing cellular outages on AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile, and other service providers. https://t.co/jSBpeLg7vp

Wolf of X@tradingMaxiSL

How soft does your head have to be to get ****** off at the cricket wireless store employee for a nation wide outage? https://t.co/HGUqFhR5Vc