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DISH Network Corporation, commonly known as DISH, is an American satellite television provider. It offers a wide range of television programming and services to both residential and commercial customers across the United States.

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Dish Network outage reports · Sep 23, 2023


There were no incidents detected with Dish Network on Sep 23, 2023.

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Overall on Sep 23, 2023 we received 6 reports from Atwater, Norristown, Chino Hills, Los Angeles, Portland, Porter Ranch

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Dish Network outage map · Sep 23, 2023
Carl Sudduth@carlsudduth

Anyone else having issues with Dish Network local channel outage #DishNetwork #Outage

Harly's Corner@HarlysCorner

I'm looking at my #satellite TV dish here and wondering to myself: If #space is #fake and we're living on a #FlatEarth then, obviously, I'm receiving TV channels from a non-existent #geostationary satellite, right? https://t.co/i3yNCOuSIr

Simply Bitcoin@SimplyBitcoinTV

BREAKING: Phone Networks… Satellite transactions through #Bitcoin offer a solution during network disruptions. Set up hardware with a receiver, dish, and computer, create transactions offline, then broadcast via satellite for secure on-chain transfers. 🚀 https://t.co/B53EISfjIu

"Taz" - I am 5 of 7 - 🇺🇸 🇵🇱 🇵🇷 🇺🇦 🏳️‍🌈@tazntampa

Having worked in the Telecom Industry and retiring after 30 years in 2021, I will give BIG PROPS to @ATT for owning up to a "software issue" that caused the outage. When these events happen, companies typically will put a vague statement and a commitment to prevent it from happening again. Having been on the inside, I know every person working on a project puts every effort into a successful launch, but we're only human, and mistakes will happen. But, for @ATT to own it publicly, it needs to be recognized and appreciated, and more companies must do the same. Looking at you @Verizon , @TMobile , @dish


Yup **** tt , I was having trouble with dish before the outage, dish is still very slow today


New episode » Mock and Daisy: Daily Dish: Letitia James Puts On An ACT, Secret Service Outs Biden’s Dog, & US Cellular Has Nationwide Outages https://t.co/wOSlxEVBmq

The Net Guy Reviews@TheNetGuyDotCom

Open question to @Starlink owners. I tried the early Gen 2 Starlink service two years ago and it was rough. The new Starlink dish and service seems to have solved many of the problems. Looking for current owners to help me validate these. Pros/Issues fixed in Gen 3: (1) Standard ethernet port (2) Non-articulating mounting (flat mounting possible) (3) Flat rate for full roaming ability (4) No beta wait list or reset risk if you move zones Still seeing as potential issues: (1) Coverage / clear sky requirement This could be difficult inside marinas and anchorages in the Pacific Northwest where tree cover is. (2) No DC power option It seems people have made 12 VDC/POE adapter solutions (3) Data "prioritization" Seems like a loose data cap of sorts. Are these concerns fair? Are there things I'm missing? I think it might be time for a follow-up to my early 2022 Starlink review video.

Sneed Mobile Tech@SneedTech

Major Cellular Service Outage Across U.S. AT&T T-Mobile & Verizon https://t.co/85teDYvdbA In the cle, Vz and TMUS didn’t go down. Att did, from 330 am to 6 am. This likely impacted firstnet. Dish ATT access was down obviously. @carlostech702


so juggalos rapped me awake last night, I had a message "light sword trick" I said it excitedly as I awoke... got on here with the same vigor -- found a solution to my dish problem via the message... I've been married 10 years, why am I just now figuring this out?


🐛CW INSECT🐛 I may need to hunt down the perfect water dish for Crunchwrap It needs to be small and very shallow But every time I mist the tank the water doesn’t stay in puddles long and she always rushes to drink from the leaves :( she must get thirsty in between mists https://t.co/NHOElTji4S

Matt Moneymaker@MattMoneymaker1

Right now most people have two ways to connect to the Internet: One is via cell towers through their phone carrier. The other is via cable through their WIFI router. People toggle between the two because when one is slow or down completely, if only temporarily. As it becomes increasingly disruptive for people to have an outage or a slow connection through these one or both of those methods, more people will pay for a third layer — a whole different way to connect to the Internet — so there is never a wait or a slow connection. That third layer is via satellite with a Starlink dish. It now costs $120 per month. Many people prefer it their normal cable Internet so they stop paying that bill and only use satellite for WIFI. Others will opt for satellite as the media reports more home burglaries where the cable line was cut before the thieves entered the home, in order to disable home’s the WIFI connected security cameras. Here is what the Starlink satellite dish looks like. It is small enough to be hidden on a balcony, and can be connected to a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) if the power to a home is disabled by burglars.

k a@kkalex56gotrump

why not just fix the ******* voicemail app since the update to dish wireless

Chirag Doshi@ChiragDosh79152

@TSSIATISA @esichq @LabourMinistry @SanjayMandlik99 @DrSEShinde @LabourMinistry @esichq @CommonsESIC @Dish @mieknathshinde @DrSEShinde Esic portal not working


So, you want to be a sports admin? Well sources dish on the biggest headache you better be prepared for ➡https://t.co/Fz7ghd0ybf https://t.co/ABnew9IwAk

Bruins Baseball@BruinsBallClub

‘26 C ⁦@JamesTermine7⁩ of Pittsford Mendon HS throwing down the bases. Strong arm and clean mechanics in a phases behind the dish with a sub 2 popT https://t.co/R3yXfZjPBF

MJ Simpson@mjsimpsonfilms

Trying to set up the TV: 2 identical cables in the wall. One is a satellite dish (which we don't want), one is the rooftop aerial (which we do). No way to tell them apart. It's not working on either, but I could be wasting my time trying to get it to work on the one I don't want.


Now that's epic 😂 and for non Arabs, makloubeh is an Arabic dish that literally translates into "flipped" or "upside-down"!