Is DoorDash down? ❌


DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that allows customers to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to their doorsteps. It operates as a technology platform connecting customers with nearby restaurants and delivery drivers, often referred to as "Dashers."

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DoorDash outage reports · 2024-03-01

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DoorDash outage map · 2024-03-01
Dana HunsingerBenbow@DanaBenbow

DoorDash having a #leapyear glitch. 🐸 🍕 https://t.co/hHhgz55kvt


can’t believe I just risked my life getting low quality *** fast food with this California *** weather due to doordash services being down


DoorDash is not worth it anymore. I have to sit around and wait, while sifting through a bunch of bad orders just to get maybe 5 good orders(orders over $7) a night. After all of this waiting it takes about 7-9 hours just to make $100. It also kills my mental health. Fix it.

Dogman Potts@DogmanPott48925

Brave DoorDash driver chased down, violently attacked by woman’s abuser after coming to her rescue https://t.co/u6asbq6JqY via @americanwire_

Bo Snerdley@BoSnerdley

Brave DoorDash driver chased down, violently attacked by woman’s abuser after coming to her rescue https://t.co/8Zqtv9FdzE via @americanwire_


Is DoorDash down? Cause no way I just tried to order my lunch 3 times and it still hasn’t worked 🥲


Brave DoorDash driver chased down, violently attacked by woman’s abuser after coming to her rescue https://t.co/XI2Vx8TQVu

desi’ 🤍@lolimdesi

I wonder have anybody got in trouble for that doordash/amazon glitch ?

Je M’appelle Ms.Earth 🌎@TierraAnyeaTv

Broooo I’m sickkkk 😭😭😭 I legit spent $200 on groceries and I had leftovers. I can’t even warm the food up cause of a ******* PIWER OUTAGE 😭😭😭😭😭. DoorDash AGAIN I guess lmfao

Shawna 🧌💕@shesnotfoundd

DoorDash been tripping I js had to cuss my driver out last night 👎🏽

Beer Father@JHaller_

Doordash deactivated all of our accounts out of the blue for a "safety violation." Our last order had no issues and we didn't have contact with the driver so we have no idea why it happened. Anyone have insight into that sort of thing?


doordash's app directions being down is cool because it's like, one of two things you use it for


Bro acted like he was helping just to throw the doordash drivers bike down 💀 source: kick (Dumbdumbjeez) https://t.co/BXJBkFYF6Z


DoorDash is still not responding to me but they had the audacity to like my reply to the post where a kind follower offered to pay for mom’s dinner since DD wouldn’t. I’m speechless. https://t.co/GZGQdWXLx0

Katie 🦋@woeinfinity

Ubereats is becoming DoorDash. Food delivery from these apps is dead. Going back to ordering direct. They’re becoming real cheap and unwilling to help with order issues these days too.

metro xo@SirPrevail

**** doordash, it’s always some bulllllllshit @DoorDash fix this https://t.co/0lB08dYhfM


Guys anyone have an unlimited food doordash glitch I could use

Theo Van Bockern@TBockern

Hey @qdoba @DoorDash I’ve been trying to order some doba on your app for the past ******* hour and it keeps telling me to “make 1 required selection” when I’ve already made all my selections. Fix your ****** app before I rage


Is DoorDash down wtf

Newport Beach Dasher@wolfie2866

Ok doordash not working 80 hours this week just to get 25. I'm exhausted . I've already been online for 50 hours

Ian Miles Cheong@stillgray

Doordash driver was given a $80 parking fine after delivering food. She got a $1 tip. https://t.co/qEbX9y82AC


Apparently @Instacart is having issues in the Steubenvillle, Ohio area. I’ve had to cancel 2 orders this week and the one I placed today is going to be 3 hours before it’s delivered. May check @DoorDash in the future.

scoopsontherun and Yogi, the sausage dog@scoopsontherun

.@DoorDash and @DoorDash_Help your customer service is horrible. I have been trying to get my issue resolved by phone and social media since the beginning of February. Give me the name and phone number of someone to speak to ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lona Zhao@LoneZhao

@DoorDash_Help my DD account was deactivated last August and I’ve called several times only to be told someone would email me with a solution. The email I keep receiving is that my account will just remain deactivated but no one will talk to me about why or how to fix it.

Don’t Hate@ClusterLuck12

Doordash is down again! Had to go get our lunch without them! #redwoodcity


Hello @DoorDash_Help @DoorDash, may I know who designed this wonderful UI with the card right in the middle of the map and no way to slide it down? https://t.co/kTyBjT2kyh

li ghost@jaybedatnikka__

Oms I won’t miss the DoorDash glitch this year


Bro this literally the third time THIS MONTH I’ve had a problem with my order or driver & yall in app support don’t wanna help WTF 😑😑😑 @DoorDash

Todd Paron🇺🇸🇬🇷🎧👽@tparon

⚠️⚡️Three X Class major solar flares today, knocking off some communications from the northern sunspots banks, Internet, cable, social media, DoorDash X we’re having issues NOAA doesn’t think the flares caused the cell phone network going down⚠️🌞 https://t.co/4vynrAxRz2


So thanks to the AT&T outage today could not Doordash’s. So tonight will be First Night on @helldivers2 . Time to join the fight starting at 8pm est over on https://t.co/Q5CKnqcDYX. #HELLDIVER2 #ODST #FPS