Is Earthlink having a service outage? ❌


EarthLink is an American internet service provider that offers a range of telecommunications services, including high-speed internet, email, web hosting, and cloud computing. Originally, EarthLink provided internet services through dial-up connections, but it has since expanded to offer broadband internet access as well

No problems at Earthlink


Also Earthlink DSL sucks major ***. It went down constantly. I can count with my fingers the amount of times Spectrum has gone down and it was their fault (Not counting power outages here and the like).


Is anybody that has EarthLink as an internet provider having issues today?¿


EarthLink internet is down again! It’s been off and on and so slow when it actually does work that it is useless. It used to be 50 now my bill is suddenly 91 out of nowhere for dsl that never works. What an awful company!