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Frontier Communications Corporation was an American telecommunications company that provided internet, phone, and television services to residential and business customers in various states across the United States. They operated in rural and suburban areas in states such as California, Texas, Florida, and others.

No problems at Frontier

Outage Reports

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Frontier outage reports · 2024-03-01

Todays Incidents

There were no incidents detected with Frontier in past 24 hours.

Reports Summary

Overall in past 24 hours we received 5 reports from Elk Garden, Farmington, Chicago, Cleveland, Wilkes-Barre

Outage Map📍

Frontier outage map · 2024-03-01
David Leis - Leaders on the Frontier Podcast@DavidWLeis

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Kurtis Allen 🎙️@kurtisallen

There’s a @AskFrontier outage and I feel like this is happening because I made jokes about AT&T.

Cape Frontier@CapeFrontier

Temporary outages impact #Telegram in Russia, with the app facing a "massive failure." Meanwhile, blocked platforms such as #Instagram and #Facebook unexpectedly resurface. Authorities investigate the causes and ensure telecom networks' normal functi... https://t.co/f255OTtDY6


What is PhuirE Research? Just a wrapper for individual research and ramifications of building towards a world simulation. Not only that new frontier, but the ability to modify such. That it could be represented in slices, that would cut down on the cost of iterative design.

Sovereign Frontier@Sovereignfront

#binancep2p down in Nigeria. This seems weightier than the 2021 ban. #CryptoCommunity https://t.co/2HalhtplMp

RATE MONSTER@Rate_Monsters

This is an ad for Frontier A local internet provider who hands down is the worst internet provider this side of the Mississippi - Please understand that this is why you will never be recommended @frontier https://t.co/xpalXyUTgG


AT&T is giving $5 credit to customers that were affected by the mass phone service outage on Thursday 💵 https://t.co/FoIuYl8d24

Aces Back-to-Back@mhrob

I’m currently dealing with a lack of high speed internet. We currently have landline and internet connections through Frontier. As rural Silicon Valley residents we need and use reliable broadband connections 24/7. Frontier internet (DSLAM technology) has been down for 9 days now

Cape Frontier@CapeFrontier

A #MajorOutage has hit #MetroFibre, causing disruption across #Gauteng, #Mpumalanga, #NorthWest, and #Limpopo with users reporting downed internet services since early Friday. ISPs #Afrihost and #Vox confirmed issues with ongoing repairs. Stay connec... https://t.co/8Zq07f00z3

Frontier Futurist 🏴@FrontierPunishd

I also got a call from a Google executive, they told me in order to fix the mistakes we were seeing in Gemini and Google Searches, I simply needed to install a new firewall to prevent the hackers from messing with the code, and he just needed some Visa gift cards. Time will tell.

Chelsea Sanborn@ChelsMichael03

Had a tech come out and switch our internet from the temp line to the buried line….now my internet doesnt work and the best they can do is send a tech out on Monday to hopefully fix it. **** YOU @FrontierCorp


The US is currently having a nationwide phone service outage across carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile which is affecting most people 📱 Is your phone service working? https://t.co/tQh5XaEyA9


Any updates on AT&T? I can't even use the WiFi on my phone, I have to be connected to an outside WiFi. My parents have a home phone through Frontier and that's down as well.

Cape Frontier@CapeFrontier

One fatality and three injuries resulted from a lightning strike in #Tshwane as severe storms wreak havoc, causing damage to homes, power outages, and leaving scores homeless. #SevereWeather #GautengStorms https://t.co/Vg5z9InDZd


Strong agree with Deno on most of this: https://t.co/lE3fUQNgoj BUT, Deno cloud is not the answer either... it simply moves the problem and adds another dependency where there shouldn't need to be one. More to come on the final frontier of integration / extensibility... 🙃

Cape Frontier@CapeFrontier

After nearly two weeks in darkness due to a severe power outage in the Karoo, Ladismith residents showcase resilience and community spirit. Gift of the Givers provided crucial aid, while local businesses adapted rapidly. #PowerOutage #Ladismith #Comm... https://t.co/wsP1YQfsRL

Cape Frontier@CapeFrontier

Amidst escalating #protests over election fraud allegations in #Pakistan, social media giant X (formerly Twitter) faces a "national-scale disruption," with access issues since Saturday. Government officials deny restrictions as political tensions ris... https://t.co/q1WP0Sz5jz


Way to go @FrontierCorp! It only took 9+ months for a tech, working on another home's problem, to find out what MY problem is & why my phone hasn't worked right for all the months I've been complaining! Now let's see how long it takes Your company to replace YOUR ringer card!

Jason Scherer@SchererJa1

So anyone else been having major issues just trying to check in with Frontier Airlines, like honestly. It is annoying to no end to tell people to make sure to start checking in 24 hours before and nothing works it gets to bag choices and just stops.

Ai Buzz@AiBuzzNews

Breaking down groundbreaking research: LLM Agents can now autonomously hack websites, revealing a new frontier in AI's capabilities and raising important cybersecurity questions. https://t.co/GbeD4fQxxn

Frontier Conference@FConference

We are aware that some are having issues with the website not displaying properly. While our partners at @SIDEARMSports are assisting with the issue, one fix is to clear your browser's cache. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the issue.


SoCal Internet down @FrontierCorp . Not great when you work from home.


What no internet does to a MFer... Finished a game and edited all of it for upload. @FrontierCorp / @AskFrontier were called on Wed about outage. Johnny was amazing, " Maria " refused to help me cause I had ticket. Waited all day and Tech didnt come, nor tell me he wasnt. https://t.co/Knm8tGAaeS

jaejae 💜 SAW FNAF x2@wnchstrboii

netflix not working how am i supposed to watch triple frontier