Is Frontier down? ❌


Frontier Communications Corporation was an American telecommunications company that provided internet, phone, and television services to residential and business customers in various states across the United States. They operated in rural and suburban areas in states such as California, Texas, Florida, and others.

No problems at Frontier


No one: Absolutely no one: People purposely messing with every seam in Frontier’s geometry to find any glitch or hiccup: Ohhh mY *** ThIs GaMe Is So BRoKeN!!1!1!1!


I am being completely genuine when I say this: I would play Frontiers start to finish over playing Galaxy 2 again. For all Frontier's problems (and there are many), its fun to mess around in. I find myself smiling a lot even when i'm frustrated. Galaxy 2 is just boring to me.


Then we discovered that the landline wasn’t working. The wire between the house and the utility pole is completely missing. Frontier might fix it tomorrow.


Trying to get a video out however my Frontier internet said there's an outage in my area go figure I'm still attempting to upload the video through my cell phone internet but it might take a while. Stay tuned WE GOT THE BACKTEST! #btc    Now the real test is upon us.


this is absurd just started with @FrontierCorp and already an outage that will go at minimum 24 hrs since I have to wait for a technician!


Mechanical failure on Frontier. Anyone notice how many airlines mechanical failures are being reported as supply chain issues?


Internet service from @FrontierCorp has been down 4 of 5 days. Not a single communication to customers @N5JFY


Glitch in the Matrix: Surreal Art from the Digital Frontier #aiart #aivideo #abstract #surreal


Reason number 500 to not fly Frontier or Spirit. Never had these issues on Delta or American.


.@FrontierCorp .@AskFrontier - Los Gatos has been without internet for over 60 hours. No ETA, just empty platitudes on Twitter. Your app and website don't even acknowledge the outage. This is unacceptable customer service.


.@AskFrontier - Los Gatos has been without internet for over 60 hours. No ETA, just empty platitudes on Twitter. Your app and website don't even acknowledge the outage. This is unacceptable customer service. Anyone reading this, avoid Frontier if you have a choice.


Anyone also offline for 72 hours 😂? @FrontierCorp @AskFrontier @ATT @Xfinity @XfinitySupport @comcast @Verizon


Hey @FrontierCorp is it normal to have several day outages with no ETA for your customers? You make @Xfinity appear competent which makes me cry.


My local comic book store finally got The New Frontier book and after reading about 30 pages its already gearing up to be an awesome book! #DC 30 pages down and 470+ to go


That was a mistake canceling our @Xfinity and getting @FrontierCorp internet. The website keeps saying no outage but customer service is saying there is. It will take 2 days for a technician to come out 🤦‍♂️


Having the worst day ever!!!! Internet is out and really need it fix ASAP @FrontierCorp


Dear @AskFrontier... Why am I unable to log into my account or change my password? I know I pay for 1 Gig service, but I've been having streaming issues with ROKU, and I want to check my service.


Our phone lines are currently down. However, our tech department is working with Frontier Communications to get us back up and running. Alternate phone numbers are listed at the bottom of our webpage. We apologize for the inconvenience and will post when service is restored.


Frontier has been telling me they’re sending out a new router for 3 weeks and every time I call to ask about it “there was a glitch in the system” it’ll go through this time. I literally never does. I just want my WiFi fixed *** damnit.


Anyone know if Frontier is actively blocking port 51820 used by WireGuard? I tried setting up WG on a network that has Frontier, and I thought I had misconfigured WG. Then I tried changing the port number and it worked without issue!


Wow Frontier internet is great until it stops working. Then you can't get an actual person on the phone and no help from a tech for 4 days. I have weekend meetings and a job that requires internet like wtf @AskFrontier @FrontierCorp


Man this week's been dumb two day out of the 7 day week no internet for 24 hours this is ridiculous frontier communications hoping to have internet today


I tried calling Frontier because the internet is down. They said they are closed but the hours that they gave on the phone was 8am to 10pm. It’s 8:20pm, I don’t get it. #frontier #frontierinternet


Hey @FrontierCorp you guys are literally the worst experience of my life trying to onboard as a new customer. You have serious onboarding problems. You make comcast look competent.....


Thank you @ATT for hooking me up with Service after not having any for a week. No transparency from @FrontierCorp as to why my Internet services had been down for a week or when it'd be restored. Finally free of constant prolonged outages with no explanation as to why.


Home internet has been out all day. Was told it wasn't the connection so bought a new router... same freaking problem. About to go back to Com-****. @FrontierCorp SUCKS.


Frontier Internet out again today.. When called they say there’s no outage & they want you to go online or use their app..With no internet??? I’m going back to WOW or Spectrum.. so why all the ads on here for these idiots who keep raising their $$$$? #crooks


Is anyone having issues with frontier airlines website or is just me?


My Internet in Simpsonville, SC, 29681 has been down since Apr 24th. CS in india says we have outage, apps and Website says, NO OUTAGE. CS says @FrontierCorp apps dont stay updated FRONTIER INTERNET SUCKS


My Internet has been 13dayS with FRONTIER. Apps, website says no outage, everyone that speaks Hindi in India says THERE IS OUTAGE. I want to talk to someone in Simpsonville SC 29681. FRONTIER SUCKS