Is GCI having a service outage? ❌


GCI (General Communication Inc.) is a telecommunications company based in Anchorage, Alaska. GCI is a prominent provider of internet, cable television, and wireless services in Alaska. They offer a range of communication and technology solutions to residential, business, and government customers.

No problems at GCI

Outage Reports

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GCI outage reports · Nov 22, 2023


There were 1 incident detected with GCI on Nov 22, 2023:

Started at 4:28 AM
15 mins

Started approximately at 4:28 AM and ended around 4:43 AM lasting about 15 minutes

During the incident we received reports from Columbus, Seymour, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Anchorage

Outage Map📍

GCI outage map · Nov 22, 2023

Reports Summary

Overall on Nov 22, 2023 we received reports from Columbus, Seymour, Louisville, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Seattle, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, Anchorage


Is @GCIAK down?


Yay @GCIAK internet is down...again.


network outage,,, gci,,,, count your days,,,


YES WE ARE OPEN TODAY! We have internet & GCI has told us their issues should be resolved soon. Electronics are available and we have a working ATM on site for your convenience. See you soon!


So AT&T's network is down. No phone calls, no text. And for once GCI internet at the house works in bad weather. Hope everyone has a safe night.