Is LADWP down? ❌


LADWP stands for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It is the largest municipal utility in the United States, serving the city of Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas. LADWP is a publicly-owned utility operated by the City of Los Angeles.

No problems at LADWP


“Leap Year Blamed For Glitch at New Zealand Gas Pumps” Hmm… Is that why there’s currently a ⁦@LADWP⁩ outage in #WestAdams ?


This is the 2nd random power outage in SIX days @GeorgiaPower @LADWP would never 😒


Hey @LADWP carthay still without power for 5 hours. Outage is gone from the map - no crew assigned. No power. Stop lights are not working either.


Hey @LADWP, the carthay circle power outage is not on your map but I’m still sitting in the dark 🕯️ any update?


Calling all Owens Valley residents! LADWP just launched a Nextdoor agency page for your local neighborhoods. Stay in the loop during power outages, swift water events, area closures, and more. Connect with your community and join us on Nextdoor today!


If you experience a power outage during the coming storm, don’t panic. Report your outage by calling 1-800-DIAL-DWP or online at , where you can also track the status of repairs.


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Be prepared and stay informed! Sign up to receive our power outage notification alerts via text and/or email.


Is there a power outage in Porter ranch @LADWP