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In 2016, Altice USA acquired Cablevision and its assets, including its Optimum brand. After the acquisition, Altice USA began offering its services under the Optimum brand name. So, Optimum Cablevision became known simply as Optimum. Optimum provides a wide range of services, including high-speed internet, digital cable television with a variety of channels, and home phone services. They serve residential customers as well as businesses in their service areas.

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Optimum outage reports · 2024-03-01

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Overall in past 24 hours we received 5 reports from Durham, Brooklyn

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Optimum outage map · 2024-03-01
Critical Bureaucracy Theory@aphofer

When there's no cell service at your home, but when you reach your ISP to complain about service outages, they can only work with you if you are in the house......(@optimum )

Greg Pike@therealgregpike

Dear @optimum, Is it possible that I could charge you for my always unreliable and unpredictable internet connection. Its daily occurrence of outage for long periods of time leaves me (a worker from home) with loss of productivity and time. By the way, we’re breaking up.

Andrew Laudicina@andrewlaudicina

So glad I left @optimum months ago. Their customer service is some of the worst I’ve ever experience. I haven’t had one single issue with @FrontierTV since I switched to them. Internet is better. Customer service was easy and fast to communicate with. Optimum is such a joke.

NYC TKN | Love n Care | Fear@Fearofsilence3

I'll do the most egregious **** for you to fix my internet. @optimum

Optimum Help@OptimumHelp

We’re monitoring the wildfires impacting parts of Northern TX and Western OK. Our crews are ready for any potential outages. Find tips to stay connected at https://t.co/RsoVEqczUS and sign up for text alerts to stay informed in the event of a service outage.

Zeke Martinez@zekethephysique

Is @optimum @Suddenlink @OptimumHelp the shittiest internet provider in America… I’m seriously asking? Their internet is down, and their phone number isn’t working.

contrarian 🌸@imquirkynow

wifi outage since this morning w no sign of when it will be fixed… when i catch u optimum…


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If AT&T let you down this week? Switch to Optimum Internet + Mobile to stay connected and save over $800/yr vs AT&T – mobile plans starting at $15/mo. Connect now: https://t.co/swDhDrRFvv https://t.co/bNYp7XJ7il

N High@Nyh_______

Yesterday 70,000 AT&T subscribers were without service. Today, optimum is now experiencing outages (it is 11:09 p.m.) I presume they explanation will be a “internal issue” but let’s be foreal. #optimumoutage #cyberattack


First AT&T and now Optimum is down. What the f…

Reg Hunt@regphunt

.@optimum Internet is down in Brooklyn... Again. I wonder what blew up today?


#optimum never fails to fail at the perfect moment bro, I got **** to do plssss😭 fix these outages!


An “outage” in my area again. What is going on @OptimumHelp get it together quickly 😭 https://t.co/gwTXm37V1k

Failsafe 1776@Gunpowdermaniac

Optimum network is down now... Possible Chinese spy balloon over Midwest US and lots of communications being interfered with still ongoing. COD servers and other online games crashed today. Weird.. #BreakingNews #outage #networkdown https://t.co/GCNXVYJSnI


My whole *** Internet is down bro KD ball being missed bc optimum is ***


Sorry for #stream ending so abruptly. Internet went down & won't come back up. Yet another @optimum outage. Figures it happened when I was finally able to go live. I'll do my best to try to stream again sooner than later dear #Spudniks & tyvm to all of you who came by tonight! ❤️


Optimum Wifi is down again…… didn’t we just go through this 2 months ago https://t.co/SB7USjA7k8

Morgan Yocum@zggyzorgan

***** you @optimum and your ****** *** customer service. Had TV issues ALL week and then get told by a rep “well you have Internet - so watch Netflix” - I will DEFINITELY be switching back to @verizonfios you guys SUCK!

Quantum Majesty 💫@quantummajesty

When Internet collapses - trust you have WiFi Router in your Heart. When there Cell networks go down - know you already have a phone in your Brain - it is called Pineal. You don't rely on their AI Technology to function at optimum level. You have your own Technology back now. https://t.co/oRRW77bToY

3J Creations@3jcreations01

Did you know that a low battery is one of the most common causes of alarm system error codes? To make sure your alarm batteries are always good to go, change the batteries at least every two to three years for optimum alarm system performance.

steave fog@StephenFinneyJ1

Staying at a hotel in the middle of Texas... Wi-Fi is bad... WHO ELSE BUT THESE CULPRITS 😂😂😡😡 @optimum down bad all across America https://t.co/nunO5VoYLD


Dawg why is optimum internet always having outages!?

john baer@johnbaer3

#Optimum my *** Damm fiber-**** is down AGAIN. do something about this **** or just switch me back to coaxial. I'm beyond ****** at this point enough is enough, if it wasn't ready to BE USED UNINTERRUPTED, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE FORCED IT ON US , THIS IS BEYOND LAME.

Arlyn Gajilan@arlyntg

When it’s Tuesday and your @optimum internet service has been unreliable since Friday night and still can’t get a service appointment! Plus wasting 30 minutes on a chat only to be told that, why yes, there’s an outage in the area. https://t.co/IOPqalOUF2

Andrew Rose@AndrewRose1978

Another day another outage, at the very least I need 4 full days of credit for the 4 days missed and would like someone from the office of CEO to contact me @OptimumHelp @optimum #sad #bbb #fcc

Andrew Rose@AndrewRose1978

3 out of past 4 Sat @optimum had outage, which impact my livelihood as I work from home and they choose to not credit for outage or do what’s right for my lost wages due to their poor service. My mission is to make sure all aware of their poor integrity. #fcc #integrity #bbb

J 🇺🇸@JeauFCB

. @optimum @OptimumHelp why do you suck so much, how are you guys still in business. Switching to @Verizon if you don’t fix up soon.

Kiaa 🌻@Raquile23

**** is optimum down or sum 🙄

DM Khowai@dmkhowai

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