Is PATH down? ❌

The PATH rail system, also known as the Port Authority Trans-Hudson, is a rapid transit system that connects the US states of New York and New Jersey. It is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

No problems at PATH

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PATH reports chart · 2023-12-08

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There were no incidents detected with PATH in past 24 hours.

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Outage Map📍

PATH outage map · 2023-12-08

BREAKING OPTUS: CEO confirms outage was nationwide as services begin to come back online Optus CEO says ‘path to restoration’ found after nine-hour blackout (Guardian)

Bob Proctor@bobproctorLIVE

There can be many ways to climb a mountain, if one path is not working - find another. #BobProctor

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Comcast is providing a redundant #fiber line to the Gallup area. This backup path will help customers maintain their internet #connectivity during a natural disaster or other unexpected outage. #iworkforComcast #Internet https://t.co/paYQsTjs1U https://t.co/sjlWdEtvFA

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It's always good to choose your own path. Don't do something because others are doing. That it doesn't work for you, doesn't mean that it's not working.