Is Postmates down? ❌


Postmates is a popular on-demand food and goods delivery service based in the United States. It allowes users to order food, groceries, alcohol, and other essentials from local restaurants and stores and have them delivered to their doorstep.

No problems at Postmates


I Jsut got a charge to my cash app… for post mates… which I don’t use…. And I certainly don’t have my card info saved? Hello @Postmates @Postmates_Help I’m glad I don’t keep money on cash app like that… what y’all trying to get for 40 bucks?? Looks like I need to report card


Someone needs to make a single sign in app that lets you order from all of these providers without having to have 10 million apps on your phone. uBer Eats, Postmates and the others are inherently untrustworthy. Market opportunity for whoever can solve for this problem.


Ion like that Postmates code not working 🌚


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Eventbrite last week. UberEast/Postmates last night. Meta/FB/IG/Threads today. I’m sure there are others, but quite a few major global outages in the last week!


postmates is down should i just starve to death


All I’m trynna do is order my @Postmates and it’s not working !


I’ve spent the past 35min scrolling up and down Postmates trying to decide what to eat.