Is Robinhood down? ❌


Robinhood is a popular commission-free trading app and online brokerage platform that allows users to buy and sell stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and cryptocurrencies without paying traditional trading fees. The platform was founded in 2013 by Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev and has gained significant popularity among millennial and first-time investors.

No problems at Robinhood


Why did I open Robinhood & my amc call said +$1,345 🥲 It was a ******* glitch


@RobinhoodApp Hi, I'm trying to sign in and reset my password but I don't see the sign in button on my browser? I see the sign up button however. Can u help me?


@AskRobinhood your “ live agent “ help is bullshit. This whole thing of an app is. I’ve been waiting and waiting and no one helps.


Anyone ride having issues with @RobinhoodApp ?


Coinbase is down.....they pulling a Robinhood?


Why does Robinhood is saying 11.91% up today? #bbbyq @ThePPseedsShow @pulte @BedBathBeyond Am I missing anything or a glitchy glitch ?


I have been able to my Robinhood account There’s something seriously wrong. I even downloaded my identity and repeatedly got turned around. I think there is a program glitch that's Not allowing new accounts access into robinhood, nothing works for me something wrong


#Robinhood is down!


I love @coinbase commercials but they need to use some of that money to upgrade the infrastructure and stop having outages. You don't see @RobinhoodApp having issues. (unless Citadel calls)


Get ready this is going to be a wild ride 🚀🚀🚀 Robinhood shutting system down 2 hours before market open!! Preparing for a Higher Load Tomorrow!


Next outage is #Robinhood


So @coinbase closed down the fake share market and now @RobinhoodApp doesn't have to close shop for the night. And this went on and on for many a Fortnite before it just ends.....


@AskRobinhood I have been literally begging your email support to help get me access to my account for the last 45 days but it doesn’t seem to be moving past the automated emails. I have explained time and again that I have temporarily relocated to India and don’t have access.


@AskRobinhood I did. It did not result in achieving my simple request of getting in touch with Robinhood by phone. Seriously, one phone call then you will be done with me forever. It doesn't seem like an outrageous request.


JUST IN: 🔥🏦 Coinbase is experiencing a Lightning Network outage but the issue appears to be identified and is being worked on. #Robinhood #Bitcoin #Cryptocurency #Opay #Nigeria #Cbna


Oh no the market is doing great on a day that Coinbase and Robinhood get Wells Notices from the SEC implicating alt coins as securities. The orange coin is down since the news broke, but we already have SEC approved ETFs. What should I do?!? 👇


BREAKING: 🇺🇸 Robinhood receives a Wells Notice from the SEC for their #Bitcoin and crypto business 👀


The SEC just sent a Wells notice to Robinhood. The number they've sent about crypto in recent months is astonishing. It's hard to imagine that they would (or could) bring so many enforcement actions at once. It seems like they're abusing the Wells process as a scare tactic now.


@0xBoboShanti @coinbase It's probably something with coinbase not allowing them to sell during pumps. ROBINHOOD 2.0


#Robinhood has a glitch in their Android app, it's almost unusable right now.... they need to updated it


I sent ETH from DEFI to Robinhood regular ETh through cronos network accidentally. How can I fix this issue? Opinions ? @cryptocom @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood @kris @AskRobinhood


Weird Robinhood glitch


Robinhood, $HOOD, has contacted us stating that last night’s 24-hour market closure was due to “a market-wide outage.”


#Robinhood has contacted @KobeissiLetter stating that last night’s 24-hour market closure was due to “a market-wide outage.” #Stockmarkets #Cryptocurrency #BitcoinHalving


JUST IN: Robinhood, $HOOD, has contacted us stating that last night’s 24-hour market closure was due to “a market-wide outage.” No further information has been provided.


Robinhood doing its thing again. War breaking out and BTC halving soon. And yet there is a Market Wide Outage #robinhood #outage #stockmarket #stockmarketcrash


$HOOD #Robinhood sayin there’s a “market-wide outage”. I’d like more info: - cyber attack? - just RH or if market wide, where’s the news agencies and NASDAQ and DOW reps chiming in? - or… now hear me out… “the lizard leaders called us and said stop the apes from crashing the exchanges”.


If you have watched the movie "Dumb Money" you clearly know not to trade on the Robinhood App . Not Surprising it is Down.


Robinhood app is saying market wide outage? wtf is that supposed to mean


Robinhood, $HOOD 24hr Market is currently unavailable due to market-wide outage. Trading will resume at 4 AM ET.