Is Spectrum facing service interruption? ❌


Spectrum (former Charter Spectrum) is a brand under which Charter Communication offers their telecommunication services. It offers cable television, fiber Internet and telephone. It is the second largest cable operator in the U.S. serving over 26 million customers in 41 states

No problems at Spectrum


Spectrum outage until 7:30 so I guess I'm passing time with analog entertainment. Watching my bargain bun Sucker Punch blu ray. The audio mixing in this movie is SO BAD


Spectrum still down. #rgv #spectrum


I’ll be so glad when I’m not paying for spectrum anymore. They’ve been extra *** this week. One more month.


Just my luck spectrum has a power outage 😒


I'm going to have a problem with spectrum I am not paying $168 and you can cram it where the sun doesn't shine.


Spectrum is the worst internet company ever. The whole area is out and you call them and they say “we don’t see an outage”. You have direct access to the system and you can see the outage we are all experiencing? That sounds like a you problem (as always)


Day 2 no internet, slowly going into diaper pooping video withdrawal, with my final breath— I CURSE SPECTRUM!!!


Why does @Ask_Spectrum have outages literally every ******* week when I'm paying them more for internet than I ever have before even though I'm on their slowest non-charity speed?


Ugh spectrum has been down all night & still down im so annoyed


Had 2 full days+ cable outage with Spectrum last month & the technician failed to reestablish my streaming. My bill shows zero credit for the outage, typical Spectrum treatment of subscribers. @Ask_Spectrum @DIRECTV


Spectrum is ALWAYS down 😠


Spectrum need to gone have an outage so I can get back in my bed


why tf my wifi not working idk but spectrum betta get it tf together fr


Why is ESPN down for Spectrum???


What the ****, Spectrum? Dave’s internet has been out since 3 pm. How the **** is Dave supposed to be #scholarDave with no ******* internet. Dave is about to DM the piece of **** CEO of you piece of **** company, because these outages are becoming the norm. **** you @GetSpectrum


is anyone else having issues with iMessage?? I am on spectrum mobile for reference. let me know I am not alone! 😅 #imessage #iPhone #spectrum #spectrummobile


Spectrum internet is so horrible in my area. Constant outages that last HOURS. I’m starting a new job soon and will primarily be working from home. I literally cannot afford for this internet to go out in the middle of a work day😭 To top it off, there’s no other ISP in my area.


Spectrum down and T-Mobile I’m bored asfuck


Spectrum and internet outages are in a relationship at this point 🙄


Spectrum is having an outage! 😡 Until 730! That’s 4 hours, so run me my credit money! BUT, that also means I can’t work the rest of the day. *turns on hotspot*


I am so sick of Spectrum internet not working!!!!!!


Anyone else in kenosha WiFi not working? I got Spectrum


Spectrum.....I just paid the bill (early too) Why is there another outage? Get it together


Just had a @GetSpectrum tech at my house to work on my internet issues and whatever he did worked as so far my internet is now working good. 👍👍👍


Spectrum internet down again for 6th time in 2024 in Austin, TX. Our relationship is over, @Ask_Spectrum 🖕


I don't understand how I have to pay for internet that CONSTANTLY kicks me offline!? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 there's a ticket open...it's been open since March! I'm TIRED of terrible internet 😒 I see @GetSpectrum trucks on the highway by my house. Fingers crossed 🤞 I can go back to them....


Good ol Spectrum. Raised my bill, and now they're doing "planned maintenance" THAT THEY NEVER WARNED ANYBODY ABOUT, and my internet is down. I'm sure glad I can pay y'all even MORE to keep being assbags...


Ok. I have to confess. I'm anxiously awaiting the new season of Bridgerton, to the point that I keep checking my internet connection to make sure it's working fine. It's still hours away... (Still traumatized by last week's massive Spectrum outage)


Best thing to do during a @Ask_Spectrum outage? Switch to Novos Fiber!


So... Spectrum has an entire series of fake messages about the entire process from an outage to fixes... When this was a power outage in my area and the net came back 3 hours ago lol.