Is Spectrum facing service interruption? ❌


Spectrum (former Charter Spectrum) is a brand under which Charter Communication offers their telecommunication services. It offers cable television, fiber Internet and telephone. It is the second largest cable operator in the U.S. serving over 26 million customers in 41 states

No problems at Spectrum

Outage Reports

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Spectrum outage reports · 2024-03-01

Todays Incidents

There were no incidents detected with Spectrum in past 24 hours.

Reports Summary

Overall in past 24 hours we received 72 reports from Washington, Orlando, Spring Hill, Indianapolis, New Albany, Cape Girardeau, Piedmont, Nashville, Smyrna, Boston, Somerville, Southbridge, Alma, Detroit, Omaha, Albany, Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York City, Oneida and 12 other cities

Outage Map📍

Spectrum outage map · 2024-03-01

When the Dj's play the One Drop Lovers Rock Set🙌 Carribean Connect 4 is going down tomorrow at the Spectrum Business Park, with Dj Aslan, Icy and Jeff. https://t.co/SK56pQC7tZ

Jimmy Malone, proud to be liberal & woke@malonespeaking

Spectrum just sent me an offer that they said was "just for me". I'm not going to tell you what it is because I'm sure I'm the only one who received it, and I don't want you to be jealous.

Stinson Dean🌲@LumberTrading

My instinct when I heard “neurodivergent” was it’s silly, pronoun-style gibberish. Then, my third kiddo started having a tough time at school. Spectrum related issues were ruled out after taking her to OT. But there’s no word for how she’s different. Except for neurodivergent.


Spectrum mobile accounts with no internet are called “stand alone mobile accounts” Give me incentive to make a suggestion to call them Ironman accounts

❄️Popcornalot❄️VTuber❄️CEO of Mary❄️@popcornalotpop

Congratulations to @GetSpectrum for winning the award for the most awful internet company! The amount of times my WiFi goes out is insane and having called twice to fix it just for it to mess up again is actually asinine


Does anyone have @Spectrum, with @YouTube as a channel. If so do you have issues with it?

Nevertheless, Persist.@CarlynTechTalk

People have different levers and sparks up and down the spectrum of emotions and experiences.


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Above the Best ⚡️🚁🛩️@thedooberhead

Hey @Ask_Spectrum , maybe you should fix your completely unreliable internet service you continue to charge me full price for before you “got something for me” https://t.co/uLB2w6F13K

dean collins@deancollins

Another Thursday .... Another outage of @getspectrum internet services here in Brooklyn heights 11201. Each of those dates below I've lost internet services due to head end issues. Unacceptable for $350 a month. https://t.co/1Q6fsEH6KJ

Josh Barnes@jdbarnes8

There is no severe weather here, but we have a severe weather outage??? @Ask_Spectrum


this is so ****** up man my internet only goes down during employment hours spectrum is telling me to go to work even on my days off


Spectrum down this morning. Hotspot in use. Going to be a long day.

Spectrum News 1 CNY/S.Tier@SPECNews1CNY

Winter weather has closed or delayed schools across the region. Check the list. https://t.co/YcT740m3mx https://t.co/pudv2VCVJb

Wayne Gretzky Grandson@cozyboyskie

What’s that Love Is Blind show? Is it a show where blind people find love? Like love on the spectrum or down for love?

Ariel ❤️‍🔥@leirazhrne

It ain’t no reason spectrum should have an outage rn 😒 i should’ve got mfn cable in that case.

IT GIRL🍃💵@laCienegaonblvd

spectrum always got a ****** outage https://t.co/c2rOD0sWeH


My friend gave me her spectrum login so I can watch bravo in real time. Tbh I’m not down with the never ending commercials and bleeping out every cuss word. I think I’m going to stick to peacock https://t.co/1CFgd3ux3z


Hey @Ask_Spectrum, I signed up for your top-tier internet plan at $81.99/month, but it's been super unreliable lately. My upload keeps dropping to zero repeatedly. A tech visited yesterday and said nothing's wrong, but the issue persists. Can you help?

Ben Conrad@benc0nrad

Charter Spectrum is down again

RCF Ben@PrideInNEO

Spectrum is down so I'm having to use my phone as a hotspot. My sketchy stream looks like the graphics from the original NBA Jam. Nobody is on fire yet.


Spectrum need to get the **** together …. Have way too many outages for me

2 News Nevada@KTVN

STORM WATCH Spectrum is preparing for potential service outages as a result of coming winter storms. https://t.co/WmfDWDf2U2


My cable line got knocked down and Spectrum can’t get here until tomorrow. No cable no internet. I need to go ahead and get that Fully loaded firestick and cancel them. How much do yall pay for cable tv and internet? I’m paying $220 a month 🤦🏽‍♀️


i hit the like button when i resonate with the movie. this is also why i use the like button up and down the rating spectrum, it's a good way to signify a "so bad it's good" or guilty pleasure type experience

Gloria johnn@ghloryiah

I knew that it was over when I decided to fix this screen. Now I am seeing colours that's supposed to be in a spectrum. I can't post on whatsapp no more 🥺 Abasi


every time i think about upgrading my internet plan with spectrum, i never do it because it either just gives me an error or just sends to me a generic support number... how does an internet company in [current year] not have a way to upgrade your plan on their website https://t.co/ehSiHbW8dX

Jak Keeney@JKeeney15688

👎 to @getspectrum because pricing, poo… Spectrum in United States: speed, performance, outages and user reviews 👉 https://t.co/BZJB69k8PC #fing #internet #Spectrum via @fingapp @outagedetect


I've never had anything but issues with Spectrum. Different cities, different years, even happens when using own modem/router, same issue every time. Save your money & your mental by getting AT&T fiber if you can.


If you have an outage tell the customers what is going on. @Ask_Spectrum @GetSpectrum You are becoming like @CenturyLink