Is Spirit Airlines down? ❌


Spirit Airlines is an American ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) airline known for offering budget-friendly air travel options. It is headquartered in Miramar, Florida, and operates flights to various destinations across the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other international locations.

No problems at Spirit Airlines

Past Incidents


Hi @SpiritAirlines, I am checked in to go home. having the SAME problem with my KTN not saving and I don't have precheck. I updated and refreshed the boarding pass multiple times using your instructions that did not work before. Can you please help for reals?


Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight waited 7 hours at a stop without moving


Reminder: never fly with @SpiritAirlines even if u purchase trip flex the fine print is you will have to buy a new ticket if you have to change flights within 24 hours, their website is trash and they have absolutely no customer service


Crazy that a company that treats their customers like garbage is having financial problems @SpiritAirlines


Last Sunday my @SpiritAirlines flight had several delays getting to its destination. Now my flight home has been a complete disaster. After being halfway home, we had to turn around due to a mechanical issue. No one should ever use this trash company to travel. Look elsewhere.


I've had this error message for a whole month, and it seems like nobody cares. Why's that? @SpiritAirlines


How do you over book a flight and have weight issue @SpiritAirlines ???????


One month and @SpiritAirlines doesn’t solve an issue with my baggage.


@SpiritAirlines I can't access website or app. Apparently my IP has been restricted for possible malicious activity. I'm a regular consumer with pending flights and I can't access my account. Which means I can't check in, access my tickets or even review my flight.


Every time I start to think @Delta is “back,” they do something like delay us due to mechanical issues, “fix it,” board us, then tell us it won't be fixed for hours, deboard us, and throw us on a new plane. Shoulda flown @SpiritAirlines…#latemeeting #atlanta