Is Venmo down? ❌


Venmo is a popular mobile payment service owned by PayPal. It allows users to send and receive money to and from friends, family, or anyone with a Venmo account. The service is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices and offers a convenient and social way to handle peer-to-peer transactions.

No problems at Venmo


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Why is venmo not working for me I am about to scream


My Venmo is empty. Someone better fix that.


@Meta @MetaQuestVR Your platforms are junk! I have been scammed out of money through Marketplace and Venmo. Now both my facebook and Instagram accounts have been hacked. I was able to recover my Facebook but not my Instagram. Now someone from Nigeria is posting as me trying to scam my followers.


Venmo has an option to turn on for purchases, It's similar to PayPal's G&S. I'm currently having issues with my PayPal account. I promise I'm not a scammer yall 😭😭


Good morning! Your boy here is still super stressed and hasn’t slept due to money issues thanks to being currently unemployed. I have interviews scheduled but that doesn’t help today. Anyone willing to help a guy feed his cats and whatnot, my Venmo is @ AmazingRando.


If they try to obtain your email for venmo bc they have a “business account”, they are trying to scam you. I just shot two down on fb marketplace so be careful.


My cashapp, venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Zelle all still work. That’s my only problem.


Since my wish tender is still down since i am not a beta tester, and you cant see my wishes. Their is something i would like, It can be bought at Amazon,CVS,Macy's,Sephora. It is Versace Bright Crystal 6.7 fl.oz. You can Venmo or give it to me when i see you. 💛😍


@VenmoSupport any help unfreezing my account? Thanks


@VenmoSupport I am setting up a teen account for my daughter and we keep getting an error message. After I send her the invite and she setups the app, it won’t send a verification code to her phone number. Please help.


Hey @Venmo @VenmoSupport the app is still declining my transactions, you going to fix it or just pretend like it’s all gravy?!? You are ******** with my biz!


Is @DKSportsbook having problems again?? It keeps declining my Venmo deposits. Have plenty of money in there so I know its not my side. Wtf goin on DK??? It was working all day until now


Here is @VenmoSupport @Venmo BS answer to this newly developed issue “find another way to do business”


hey @Venmo fix your dogshit app. i have two clients here unable to send me money either cos they can't link their card or some random error cash app doesn't work because i try to scan my id and it NEVER goes through because the verification system is rigged as ****


My algorithm sucks. Not sure how to fix it? I keep swiping away, but Venmo keeps showing me the same rent request from my roommate


Infinite venmo money glitch is patched


So is #Venmo having problems with instant transfers?


I’ve just about had it with PayPal! Ever since the update on April 13th this ridiculous **** has been going on! I’m not the only one as D is having issues with it as well! Venmo & cash app doesn’t have issues like this, come on PayPal DO BETTER!


This issue with @VenmoSupport has already been a nightmare. They're asking me for information I've already provided and are *still* calling me Meggin instead of Frances. Meanwhile my account still isn't fixed.


@VenmoSupport suspended my account and gives me no access to my money complete trash


Anyone else having problems transferring #ETH off of @Venmo ? Only using them because my Coinbase isn’t working the best. Respond in my dms 🙏 #Crypto #Payment #Issues #Venmo #Coinbase #Support


Venmo just sent me an email saying my account has been suspended. I barely use that account. I'm trying to get it reinstated currently. What the actual **** @Venmo?! @VenmoSupport fix my account please? 😑


hey man i was down there last weekend, can i dm you my venmo?


Me never sending Venmo requests from weekend activities with friends cause it requires so much calculating 😩😩😩😩 I have gotten to a point where I just let my friends put the card down so I can Venmo them immediately and not rob myself


Anyone else have issues paying using the @BurgerKing app? So many issues, even with Venmo and Paypal - charges go through, the app says they didn't, and have to wait to be refunded. Rarely was able to get any of the advertised specials. Just closed my account. #SmellsFishy


Paypal money transfer #Cashapp glitch #venmo #skrill #paypal #westernunion


PLEASE HELP!!! I am currently not working due to an upcoming surgery and I need literally only $28 for my prescription please please please anything helps so far I have $1.29. my Venmo is @ Ryan-Kasper-88 🙏


Do you have to have a phone number for Venmo?


And another rush to Twitter, this time to see if the App Store is down We've got #instagramdown something something Venmo and Cardi is making waves and not a great day for Mark Zuckerberg. Elon is ok. What a wild Wednesday! Stay safe out there, folks.