Is Venmo down? ❌


Venmo is a popular mobile payment service owned by PayPal. It allows users to send and receive money to and from friends, family, or anyone with a Venmo account. The service is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices and offers a convenient and social way to handle peer-to-peer transactions.

No problems at Venmo


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How adddicted to screens am I, when I have to tell myself to put my phone down so I can watch the movie I put on?


Just because WishTender is down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send. Send to my CA, Venmo, Apple Pay or Zelle instead.


Venmo is awesome, way better than e-transfer. One annoying thing is not being able to Nickname accounts. It just has account numbers listed - I need to log into online banking each time to double check which account number it’s referencing. Can u fix this @Venmo?


Nation-wide cell phone outages are really inconvenient on the biggest giving day for all of FFA, help us out by sharing! Our goal is $30,000 and we're *this close!* Venmo: @VirginiaFFA or give online -


Pin me temporary and permanently limited paypal I also do account restorations. any paypal related issues available PayPal friends and family and Goods and services Transfer wise Visa card Binance Bank transfer Cashapp Zelle Venmo International money transfer (SWIFT CODE)


Hi @VenmoSupport @Venmo transaction search has a bug. If I search for the word “gas” and a transaction has the word “gas” but is also followed by a period, that transaction is missed. Please fix. Otherwise great product. 🙏


I have a problem on ps5 where in stuck apearing offline anyone who can help me fix it il pay them 10 dollars via cash up venmo paypal or gift cards #help #gaming


good bye for now ER visit tomorrow b/c of feet issues that have gotten critical as in ICU critical necrosis appears to be setting in & the Rx antibiotics are not working updates soon Venmo: @WaliColt CashApp: $WaliColt PayPal: walicolt2020@gmail.com


Alert to all media, @Venmo is down and won't allow people to move money to others or to a bank. @VenmoSupport @CNN @CNBC @FoxNews @MSNBC Is this the end of #VENMO?


Correct!!!!! Down to one folks!! First person to guess the last case here gets $350 cash/ Venmo or PayPal!! Just having some fun. Don’t follow me or inbox me. Just throw some guesses out


Venmo Not Working today? What Is the cause and how can I fix it? #venmo #p2p #money #transferapps #finance #fintech