Is Verizon Fios down? ❌


Fios stands for “Fiber Optic Service.” It is a bundled television, telephone and Internet access service. Verizon was one of the first U.S. carriers to offer fiber to the home. It serves over 5 million customers in nine U.S. states.

No problems at Verizon Fios

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Verizon Fios outage reports · 2024-03-01

Todays Incidents

There were no incidents detected with Verizon Fios in past 24 hours.

Reports Summary

Overall in past 24 hours we received 5 reports from Haymarket, Watervliet, Long Branch

Outage Map📍

Verizon Fios outage map · 2024-03-01

Am I the only person in Jersey with their Fios internet not working!? #verizon #outage


I still have no dvr service even though I pay for it. Wonder when @verizonfios will fix that for me. I was over an hour on the phone the other day. Forced me to upgrade my set top box only to have less abilities w the service I pay for. Fun! #verizonfios


Is @NESN hd down for anyone else? normal and 4k are working just not hd ? I have @verizonfios if that helps https://t.co/asVBgiCkJN

Kevin Worthington@kworthington

I pay for 300 up/down, so good work Verizon. #Verizon #FiOS #VerizonFiOS #Speedtest https://t.co/Y4daqOLsUk


Of all days for yall to have an outage in service, it happens today🙄. **** Fios fr

Morgan Yocum@zggyzorgan

***** you @optimum and your ****** *** customer service. Had TV issues ALL week and then get told by a rep “well you have Internet - so watch Netflix” - I will DEFINITELY be switching back to @verizonfios you guys SUCK!

Belief City 🙏🏿💛@CItyyG_

Happy Friday 💚 Suffering internet outages with my Verizon Fios & Xfinity. Today's stream will be cancelled due to these issues. This weekend i may do a short lil 2-3 hour on console to make up for todays stream getting cancelled 💜

Angeles Romero@angeles524

Now my phone is out. I had a good 2 hour run while everyone else was down. Don’t fail me now Verizon Fios.

Wolf Gang Mishima@WolfGangMishima

I dunno…my Tekken 8 net code settings are set to prioritize response. I’m washing up these WiFi players and it’s not even that bad when it comes to response time. It’s not an excuse, they should be on Ethernet…but it isn’t much of a problem for me 👀 FiOS for the win. https://t.co/PmJ1pHq8Dm


Hello. I am paying $200 a month for this consistent problem with the Fios tv @Verizon @VerizonSupport @verizonfios the channels are constantly going in and out https://t.co/XagR93Fhtr

Fortunate Fool@HimDownstrz

Too many outages. Woke up Super Bowl Sunday to no service. Couldn’t get a tech out til next day. No response when I asked about prorating for this outage. Sent y’all a direct tweet about it on Sunday and yall never responded. Fios is on their way tho. We Gucci.

Ralph Weber@ralphweber68

Incase your concerned about our communication line getting shut down? Which is always possible when concerned about staying connected! Here is a site that will be up incase cable companies & FiOS or other providers are shut down. Better to have a back up! https://t.co/AT8YH6ex8i


@TeamYouTube I have Sony Google Android TV and recently updated the software. So it’s neither my Sony TV nor Fios Internet.


Anyone else YouTube TV freezing? I’m still in my free trail period but my @YouTubeTV keeps freezing I’m afraid I have to cancel unless @YouTubeTV improves its performance. I have @Verizon Fios with 1 GB so Verizon internet is not the problem. I’m so disappointed with @YouTubeTV .


🤬So frustrated with @verizonfios because I’ve gone 48+ hours without access to TV, internet, and phone. They say that they’ll fix this issue, yet nothing is being done. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! 🤬 Why does it have to be so hard for people to do their job effectively? 🤬


Hi @verizonfios @Verizon @VerizonSupport your **** service is not working for @fox channel. It keeps going in and out


Great day for outages @verizonfios @VerizonSupport. Biggest game of the year for the Jets and your ****** service of down.

Frank Gee@FrankgCards1024

Is @nflnetwork out in the Baltimore area? The only channel not working so it's not @verizonfios . Gotta love paying extra for a service and it doesn't work.

Dad Strafford@DanStrafford

Hey @Verizon @verizonfios whats the deal with service. Internet just dropped the router showing no issues.