Is Verizon Wireless down? ❌


Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless provider in the U.S. with 154 million subscribers Q3 2018. Its 4g LTE network covers about 98% of the U.S. population.

No problems at Verizon Wireless

Outage Reports

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Verizon Wireless outage reports · 2024-03-01

Todays Incidents

There were no incidents detected with Verizon Wireless in past 24 hours.

Reports Summary

Overall in past 24 hours we received 14 reports from Beverly Hills, Boynton Beach, Spring Hill, Lansdowne, Greeneville, Norfolk, Cedar Rapids, New Bedford, Jersey City, Blairsville, Dingmans Ferry, Kane, Rapid City

Outage Map📍

Verizon Wireless outage map · 2024-03-01
Ryan J. Postal@Postal18

Is @Verizon @VerizonSupport Wireless down in NYC? In Queens.

North Sanman@NorthSanman

AT&T and Verizon Wireless cell phone users are experiencing a nationwide outage. I am a Verizon Wireless user, and I am not affected. My phone can still make calls! #VerizonOutage #ATTdown #outage

Anthony Russo@Anthonyerusso1

Sorry guys I have Verizon - No outage here 🙂 #verizon #verizonwireless https://t.co/hpmjmNw0p4


Are their satellites 📡 🛰️ got knocked down by something because for some reasons since 3am I’m having trouble connecting, network outage in my area. #att #verizonwireless #outage


AT&T phone is down (SOS only) due to this national “outage” 👀 but my Verizon wireless phone is full signal, no issues. Redundancy matters. Time to switch personal lines to @Verizon wireless.

Kellie Danea@KallMeKellss

Count your days @ATT! I see a switch to @Verizon wireless in my near future. #outage #ATT #Dallas

Liz Goldenberg@newstruthliz

Just spent another 30 minutes with #useless people at @Verizon #CustomerSupport on my #GiftCard issue. They transferred me to #VerizonWireless, and (thank goodness) I don't use them for my mobile.

Catherine Good@catherinegood

@VZWSupport Tech support confirmed wide-spread service outage in my area that will last upwards of 6 hours, and also confirmed that Verizon is not sending anyone to fix it. Should I look into a different internet service provider?

Infotel Systems@infotelsystems

We have received multiple reports of Verizon Wireless lines calling to multiple Carriers producing one-way audio. Symptom: Verizon Wireless callers can hear you but you cannot hear them. It is unknown if this is just an issue on the east coast or if it is a nation-wide problem.