Is Windstream down? ❌


Windstream Holdings, Inc. is a telecommunications company that provides internet, phone, and digital television services to residential and business customers in the United States. They operate in multiple states and primarily serve rural and suburban areas.

No problems at Windstream


Of all the ISPs I’ve had to deal with, @Windstream is the absolute worst. I’ve wasted three weeks troubleshooting their SD WAN service. Today we’re experiencing an outage and the service desk is making me jump through hoops to prove we didn’t cause this.


Is kenetic windstream internet down in Cleveland?


I’m so upset my Upload is not working and won’t be able to fix it for a few days! This is gonna lose me so much money @Windstream why does my download work fine and upload is not working?


I had Windstream and haven't had any problems until my modem decided to update to faulty firmware which bricked it (as well as the modem of several thousand others). I'm a sysadmin, I know more than the script readers over in India or wherever, but they insisted that everything


Windstream experiencing outages


Issues with windstream speeds or just me? @Windstream


Day 3 of @Windstream full outage due to a DSLAM issue. No updates. No ETA for restoration. This is madness.


.@Windstream in Covington Ohio is not working for dozens of people and they will not acknowledge the issue. Third time in the past week without internet in half of the town.


It is amazing to me that @windstream does not provide the capability for customers to do anything online other than check email. They provide internet service, but no internet services that allow you to sign in without setting up a new account for every login.


ANNOUNCEMENT 03-27-24📞 Due to a Windstream outage our phone lines are currently down district wide. Please be patient as we work to get this issue resolved.


I can never sit and enjoy the rain and watch tv at the same time. Windstream always having a **** outage !


every time I turn around Windstream having a outage😑


Windstream got this **** service outage and my show bout to come on!! Im ******!


Windstream / Kinetic what the **** is this? We call and you say there’s an outage but it’s been 3 days. Are you messing with us? You aren’t the only service in our area any more another company just laid fiber internet.


#windstream #kinetic still no service, no dialtone, neighbors are fine, not part of large outage, ridiculous, live chat does not work, calling FCC again, ridiculous


Hey @Windstream your internet service has been mostly down for a week + in my town in North East Ohio. Its never been a problem prior. When it does work, it's slow and spotty. Was supposed to be fixed by 1:30 pm 2.13.24 What's up? Can you fix it or no?