Is YouTube TV down? ❌


YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming television service provided by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google. It offers a selection of live TV channels and on-demand content, allowing subscribers to access popular television networks and shows without the need for traditional cable or satellite TV services.

No problems at YouTube TV


Hey @onepeloton wanna fix YouTube TV? Lately just not working or runs slower then dirt.


Hey @YouTubeTV - please fix your app on @Roku streaming sticks. I get this on all 3 of mine even after restarting and resetting them. First reported this to your tech support over 4 weeks ago. This is the 'Home' screen after looking at the 'Library"


I swear YouTube Tv.... I've updated my payment method.... your customer service is really a joke!!! I still can't log in because my method of payment isn't valid, however, you charged me and I still can't access YouTube TV!!! My last issue with you was basically a joke!!!


Omg @wtaptelevision FOX live feed on @YouTubeTV is always complete **** every single week as soon as @WWE starts. Hey WTAP fix it, I have perfect fiber internet hardwired to my tv and no other show or channel does this


I can not describe this problem well enough to Google it. But when I cast from the @YouTubeTV app on my phone to my chromecast it just plays whatever channel I was on last


Why is there no sound on @YouTubeTV @MSNBC ? And don’t bother answering. I don’t have time to **** around with it now. Your platform, you fix it. All my other streaming apps work fine.


Anybody else having a problem with recording CBS SUNDAY MORNING WITH JANE PAULLY on YouTube TV and not being able to play it for viewing until Monday?


Thank you @Microsoft @xbox and @YouTubeTV fixing the problem of 4k streams via the console app


Why am I I getting playback error on my @YouTubeTV with my Roku tv but not on my xbox or phone


We compare YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV, explain how the services are different, break down their features, and present their plan pricing and costs.


Wtf is the point of recording something on TV when you have to watch adds on it?? Fix it @YouTubeTV !! And I know the difference bt DVR and VOD!!! This “glitch” is >1yr old now!!! #classactionsuit


Hey @youtubetv, for all your decades of being a streaming platform why does AC3 still have audio-video sync issues on a google tv device?


What's going on with @YouTubeTV and @espn app? Receiving the error message "An unhandled error has occurred." Anyone else having this issue?


Dear @YouTube TV - I love your service, first and foremost. I don’t know if you have enough servers running to handle the consumption levels but I get a spinning circle of death. I lost every day. My DW speed is 292 and this is not an issue with any other app. Please help.


Finally broke down and got YouTube TV and my *** will this 4 screen option be sensational during Championship week!


"Resolve YouTube TV issues on Samsung Smart TV with simple steps. Check compatibility, update firmware, and consider alternative devices for a seamless streaming experience. #YouTubeTV #SamsungTVIssues"


So sick of the constant feed problems with @YouTubeTV earlier it was crazy glitchy and lagging, now there's no audio for the @DAYTONA 500


Anyone else getting a lot of glitching in the video? Or is this an @YouTubeTV problem? #DAYTONA500


Watching the #DAYTONA500 via @YouTubeTV and about 30 laps ago it started stuttering. I've reset my wifi and turned my TV off and on again, same with my phone. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? #NASCAR #YoutubeTV


Something wrong with #YoutubeTV on my #Samsung ... app is not responding ... tried restarting ... everything else works fine (Netflix, Apple TV) . What's up ?@YouTubeTV @TeamYouTube


Is YouTube TV worth having?


Any @youtubetv experts? Some days certain library episodes or channels just don’t play. Completely frozen when I select it. Not a wifi issue because the rest of the channels are fine. Today it’s Game Show Network or certain library episodes of Law & Order. changes daily 😂


Anyone else YouTube TV freezing? I’m still in my free trail period but my @YouTubeTV keeps freezing I’m afraid I have to cancel unless @YouTubeTV improves its performance. I have @Verizon Fios with 1 GB so Verizon internet is not the problem. I’m so disappointed with @YouTubeTV .


@TeamYouTube YouTube tv is scamming me out of money I want it back it’s unethical I can prove I’ve been scammed they said they found no fraud. Obviously they are not looking hard enough


Anyone else having issues with youtubetv freezing?