Is VRChat down? ❌


VRChat is a virtual reality (VR) social platform that allows users to create, share, and experience virtual worlds and interactive 3D avatars. It provides a unique online space where people can meet, socialize, play games, and engage in a wide range of activities using VR headsets or desktop computers.

No problems at VRChat


Is vrchat down?


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Gotta love when vrchat goes down. #vrchatdown #vrchat @VRChat_Status @VRChat


I need like twitch con but in vrchat😩 It’d be so nice🥺 Then everyone could go even those with health issues that can’t leave their homes🥺 #VRChat #Twitch #TwitchCon


Oh no twitter outage...anyways. #vrchat


What VRChat voice video should i do next?? (I full on can't decide)


anyone else having issues inviting people on vrchat right now?


Pardon me @vrchat, When are you going to fix logs? Would like to see this fixed, because the group I moderate for @PrideVR_ is developing a discord bot to help moderate our group public instances. Thanks in advance, -𝓔𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓲𝓷 𝓐𝓷𝓪𝓰𝓻𝓪𝓶


I am loving the Quest 3. But why am i experiencing blue screen whenever VRChat can't launch. I had this issue


Was gonna actually gonna jump in VRChat tonight but my internet is still down 😞


i want to do a Vrchat Stream But i dont want to be alone the whole time. Woukld anyone be down to chill on stream and Talk to me during Stream? Make Content? #VRChat #vtuber


*sigh* yet another obscure networking bug that keeps haunting me... Apparently when using UdonSyncMode.Smooth with a synced byte, despite ensuring that the value is clamped, VRChat's interpolation still wraps the value between min/max values (top: master, bottom: remote)


I'd be down to get all the VRChat Ragnarok Online homies in a guild and we start WoE'ing and taking over! xD


So I recently got the Bigscreen Beyond, and now its everyone's problem! (As I aggressively compliment how everyone looks) New video out lol #VRChat #vrc #VRChatワールド紹介


Anyone who uses body tracking in #VRChat how do I align the trackers to my avatar? I use an iOS app to track my body which isn’t as good as actual trackers but my issue is aligning the trackers in VRC. Heeelppp 🥲


Welp i guess Since Palia is down at the moment imma get into VR and take some pics :3 #Palia #hotfix #vr #vrchat #vrc #pics


Power went out in the middle of VRChat hangout tonight so my community sent me some problem solving suggestions 😂😂😂


Will I happy little yo much fun but I was feeling little bit ***** but no one is down no more #vr #vrc #vrchat #lewdtuber


⚠️ SORRY BUT I HAD ANY POSSIBLE KIND OF TECH ISSUE and i had to turn off the stream... I'm so sorry because i was so hyped to make this stream especially now that I had the pc working but apparently vrchat updated just few seconds before the stream and i got an issue? who knows.


Anyone down to go vrchat with me, tried it yesterday it seems really fun. (Got ignored on most servers cause im apparently still noob and people have noobs disabled) .. :(


vrchat why go down at the most important time for me


vrchat down its so over


my Index setup is having issues and idk why!!! sad mode engaged!!! 🌎: Endless by @daginatsuko #regulus #VRChat #femboy


if anyone is ever down to hang in vr chat let me know hehe #VRChat #VtubersUprising


Seems like out of nowhere my email was registered to vrchat, but my username was my email address... but seems like it's not only me, you find many email as display names.. Steam profile merge bug? #VRChat


Ran into an error that caused repeated crashing in vrchat that happened randomly upon boot and all forums talking about it were like "yeah idk its ******"


We’re going back to Cloud our main venue on the 20th and will be at Cloud for the majority of May 🦋 Looking to book Liquid Bass, Breakcore, Hyperpop, Future Bass, Glitch, Kpop. Bookings are open #VrchatDJ #BookingsOpen #VRDJ #VRChat #virtualreality 🦋


When one of our servers are down our in-world server rack catches fire and the sprinklers turn on hehehheheh This is all automated as it pulls from our live status monitoring page c: #VRChat #VR #VRChat_world #VRChat_world紹介 #madewithunity #MadeWithVRChat #VRDancing


Friday night, also a sort of beta test for my updated model, found plenty of issues to fix still, including me using a years old obsolete glass shader by accident! #VRChat


model is having issues and the vrchat sdk is pulling errors so showcase will be delayed for a while. :( pretty bummed