Is Waze down? ❌


Waze is a GPS navigation software app that provides turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and user-contributed information on road conditions and accidents. It uses crowd-sourced data from millions of users to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information about the driving conditions

No problems at Waze


Hi @waze, your app is not working on Android...


Is anyone else on Celcom having connectivity issues? Like it's weird, my WhatsApp texts are still sending but Grab, Waze, etc. are refusing to work at all


Is @waze down for everyone? #waze


I gets down on that Waze app I don’t PLAY when it comes to reporting 12, stopped cars, construction work 😂😂😂😂


Neat I got a map issues fixed in @waze that’s been bothering me for years!


Anyone else having issues with Waze today? Or is it just me?


Sir, there seems to be a bridge in front of us? It must be a computer glitch, Waze says we are good. Full steam ahead.


Navigate with ease, even without an internet connection! Learn how to use Waze Offline Maps with our comprehensive guide. Check it out here: #Waze #OfflineMaps #TechTips


Anyone having issues with Google Maps? It hasn't been working consistently for me for the last couple of days. I prefer it to Waze, but I may have to switch if it's an ongoing issue.


So...the one app I like, Waze, offline. I suppose it is part of the Faceberg monopoly. Thus, 90 minutes never gotten back on the highway


I use google map (now waze) to drive .. even for long distance it is usually accurate to couple of minutes Waze has problem


So I am doing 85 in a 55 when my Waze app suddenly says "no Internet." Cost me 285 in fines. #att you owe me...


If Google decides to stop refreshing Google Maps/Waze in your country, you are hosed. Building a great map takes years, and you are not just going to flip a switch and fix this problem.


Looking up a location in Waze with a ****** off cat in the car is a great way to find out there’s a nationwide AT&T outage.


Waze GPS is down!


What’s going on with @waze … for the last couple of days it’s not working correctly… locating me somewhere else