Is WeTransfer down? ❌


WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer service that allows users to send large files (up to 2GB for free and up to 20GB with a paid subscription) to others easily and quickly. The service is popular among professionals in various fields, such as designers, photographers, and videographers, who often need to send large files that can't be emailed due to size limitations

No problems at WeTransfer


Has anyone had an issue where they can’t share a video anywhere? It just won’t load to Google drive, WeTransfer, etc. Even when I hit the share button on my iphone the video nothing happens. I’ve restarted my phone twice and am updated.


so annoying when you send a WeTransfer link and the person is like THANKS! and then a week later they're like CAN U SEND IT AGAIN THE LINK EXPIRED!... like? so you didn't download it when you thanked me? and that's now my problem to solve?!


wetransfer is down


anyone having issues with @WeTransfer today? Not letting me send anything, using Firefox or Safari!!!!


I think Google servers are down or something Why can’t I upload documents anymore in good speed regardless of my internet speed. Wetransfer has been doing the Lord’s work