Is Yelp down? ❌


Yelp is a website and mobile app that allows users to find and review local businesses such as restaurants, bars, gyms, salons, and more. Users can search for businesses in their area, read reviews and ratings, view photos, and even make reservations or request appointments directly through the platform

No problems at Yelp


Yelp. There is a bug on Twitter right now that allows me to see posts from protected accounts if they are RT'd/quote by a public account and appears on my For You stream.


At T-Mobile ask about the Reliability of their Home Internet ...Ya get a lot of "Maybes, Possibles & I'm not sures! I cant afford to GUESS if my Internet will Go Down EVERY NIGHT after 8pm! If only they spent as much Time & Money on their network as on TV Stars? @TMobile @Yelp


Don't rely on a single marketing channel. It’s too dangerous. If it slows down or stops converting, you're in big trouble. 5 channels you can try (besides the classic FB & Google ads): 1. Yelp ads 2. Cold DMs 3. Yard Signs 4. Door Hangers 5. Door-to-Door sales


youtube ****** me and has never fixed the issue with external links being unusable... thanks youtube, bunch of *********, I'm giving yall one star on yelp.


Hey @YelpOC @Yelp lease fix your technical issues, it’s costing me business and $$. Now would be nice.


Hey @Yelp I can't access my account, none of my email addresses seem to be the correct one. I use to login w FB, but cannot access account. Help!


when someone asks for my name at I work I spend the next 48 hrs refreshing open table, google reviews, and yelp bc i've seen the best servers be shot down by a nasty review and usually it's just like "cute place my server alex was great"


This is why @yelp and stupid customers need to GO DOWN.


[startled yelp] oh- uhm.. I'm trying to find a way to get glitch out of... everything... so he's easier to stop


So @Jen_Royle has gone private, “closed” her business on @Google and @yelpboston @Yelp after her crazy behavior has been exposed. Now the “x” account is down. Wonder how much red sauce is going to go bad #TableBoston


Yelp says its tests show design tweaks Google made to its search results to comply with EU's DMA are unfair and make users even more likely to stick with Google (@peard33 / Wired) 📫 Subscribe:


Pequod's keeps amassing the awards, including being ranked the best pizza in America, according to a just-released Yelp Elites 2024 survey.