Is DStv down? ❌


DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is a major satellite television service provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, operated by MultiChoice Group. DStv offers a wide range of television channels and programming, including entertainment, sports, news, movies, series, and more, delivered via satellite to subscribers' homes

No problems at DStv


Am I the only one have issues with @DStv live stream? Not working, logged on and off, switched off and one, deleted app and reinstalled....still not working! @DStv @DStvCare


#dstvnow sport streaming experiencing issues the last few days? @DStvCare even a 100MBps line direct Ethernet connection seems to stutter and buffer non stop. Extremely frustrating. #MonacoGP #dstv


Please fix the app you have 20 mins @DStv


Power tv Zambia has programmes on DSTV... Kodi What exactly is the problem in malawi???


My @CellC wifi is down, @DStv stream isn't working on the laptop @CheckersSA can only deliver after 13.00 I'm going back to bed.


Guys I’m finished!!!!!! My DSTV Stream is not working 😭😭😭😭 #AMDust


******* fix your app @DStv


This error has been ‘unexpected’ for 2 months now. And your call centre staff isn’t answering either. I need to change my password so I can change my payment date on the app. Please be serious? @DStv @DStvCare


Yoh @DStv @DStvCare fix your App RIGHT NOW 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


My dstv app is tripping


How do I fix my dstv streaming app. It logs in and just shows a black screen. Any idea how I can fix this


Hi @DStv trying to cancel subscription online but you seem to have an error Jan 2024? Who can assist?


Is the Dstv Now app down ?


🕯🕯For both Dstv and internet to go offline from 17h00 to 20h00


Seems like @DStv is now a scam, shame. The agents can’t fix or explain to me what is happening here. If all calls are recorded, surely they should be able to see that this is an internal error.


#dstv disconnected because their system won't allow me to update my credit card number because I'm on 24 month discount package. Pathetic been an ongoing problem for 3 to 4 years. No customer care & its time to really consider canceling my subscription, service non existent


yo @DStv why is your live streaming not working ?


We are currently down in Gaborone. Our technicians are working to restore signal. You can catch us on the DSTV Audio bouquet channel 917 or stream us online.


Anyone having problems with this @DStv stream thing?🥺🤔


There is an obscure supersport channel on DStv mobile that does something like this once in a while for big games. I quite enjoy it. Problem is that I do not enjoy streaming games due to poor network buffering, that's why I do not seek it out more often.


The minute I sort out my network problems I'm switching off your fucken product forever, you people are fucken useless @DStv


Still not working @DStv #dstv #useless


My dstv stream app is tripping. 😔


DStv and GOtv subscribers to experience service outages over construction of Lagos-Calabar coastal highway


Wtf @DStv @MultiChoice . Contact telephone numbers disconnect. I do not wish to talk to a chat it that can't help with my issue. Are you actively trying to lose more customers?


Dear @DStv @DStvCare Why is my streaming service not working.


Channel 202 is not working on the Dstv stream app. Please fix it💔💔. How are we supposed to watch the game?


I can't watch any program since I paid for my dstv, fix error many times with no result


Lol. The money you will burn on data alone. Then the unstable network. Also the fact that you don’t have to think about what you want to watch and you can just browse through channels to watch anything. Nobody go tell you to subscribe your DSTV.


My internet speeds consistently run between 45-50mbps yet @DStv @SuperSportTV runs with buffering, how **** are your servers???? And no issues on other streaming platforms, pick your game up!!!