Is MWEB down? ❌


MWEB is a South African Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers a range of internet and communication services to residential and business customers in South Africa

No problems at MWEB


#mweb @MWEBTweets what is happening in in Westville area. No internet for over 3 hours now!! Vumatel is useless !! Can’t get hold #mweb call centre either I’m 39 in the queue 😡


My upload speed has dropped to 3.5 why😢 to @mwebtweets mweb in South Africa: speed, performance, outages and user reviews 👉 #fing #internet #mweb via @fingapp @outagedetect


South Africa Hit by Widespread Internet Outages: What We Know --- #Internet #Outage #Microsoft #MicrosoftAzure #Azure #Outlook #Vodacom #MWEB #MTN #xBOX #Seacom #Telkom #Vumatel #Vox #WhatsApp #FNB #Tech #TechNews #Technology #SouthAfrica


I ordered Fibre with MWeb. I only checked the reviews later and I found a slew of complaints on Twitter. What are you guys using and do they offer good customer service? Do they offer accessible support when connectivity is down? Help!😩😩


If you want service?? Please do NOT use #MWEB no service at all. Mweb account service rated 0 out of 10, non existent, waisted 69 minutes since Friday holding on for "someone " to answer the phone, NO SERVICE AT ALL.


@WebAfricaHelper@MWEBTweets @webafrica,I sent a query to mweb app, to Facebook and trying calling while getting no answer and them not responding to my calls, or my query.its been days since I am having no connectivity and yet again this mweb is unreachable. now I'm tired of it.


I need a new internet/wifi provider @mweb and @EvotelZ is not working out. Not when they increase price but connection gets worse.