Is Vox Telecom down? ❌


Vox Telecom is a South African telecommunications company that provides a range of communication and technology services to businesses and individuals

No problems at Vox Telecom

Past Incidents


Day SIX since we reported wifi issues to @VoxTelecom but still no connection and @Vox just don't care. #BADSERVICE


Imagine a service provider who says "don't contact us if you have a problem." My WiFi is down An hour long Whatsapp chat with @VoxTelecom ended with a message that the problem lies with @vumatel and a ticket number. Ask Vumatel how to be in touch and it says contact your ISP.


Wonder if my @VoxTalk2Us / @VoxTelecom and @vumatel line that is NOT WORKING is part of the outage? Day 2 without #internet and not sure how long to go?


🤢 to @voxtelecom because Slow Vox in South Africa: speed, performance, outages and user reviews 👉 #fing #internet #Vox via @fingapp @outagedetect


My Fibre has been down the entire day and no one answers when calling @VoxTelecom , can someone please provide some feedback