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Zoho Corporation is a software development company that provides a wide range of cloud-based software solutions for businesses. Zoho offers a suite of integrated business, productivity, and collaboration tools, including customer relationship management (CRM), project management, accounting, human resources management, and more

No problems at Zoho


"Disappointed with @Zoho's bug bounty response. Uncovered an admin account takeover vulnerability with default credentials, reported promptly. They fixed it in 20 mins, but my report labeled 'informative' with no bounty eligibility. Admin takeover just informative? 🤔 #BugBounty" https://t.co/M9FKztJe7c

Zoho Apptics@ZohoApptics

The app suddenly crashed while your users were in the middle of work. You want to see what went wrong and will start to analyze #crashlogs and try to fix the issue. Understand what is Symbolication for #iOS apps. #symbolication #iosdevelopment #appdevelopment #analytics https://t.co/gq7L0qMdxr

Pavan Kumar@pavan6e

Critical functionality not working and business impacted. No resolution from support inspite of repeated follow ups Ticket no. 94170778 @ZohoCares @ZohoCRM @zoho