Is Nintendo eShop down? ❌

Nintendo eShop is an online digital marketplace for Nintendo gaming consoles. It is available on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U systems. Users can access the eShop to purchase and download digital games, demos, and additional content for their Nintendo consoles

No problems at Nintendo eShop

Past Incidents


.@asylumSquare there’s an issue with the listing for Astroblaze DX on the EU Nintendo eShop at the moment. Any attempt to buy the game results in an error message. I’ve tried on multiple consoles + told Nintendo support but thought you’d want to know bc it might affect sales!


[Server Up] The problems affecting the servers for "Nintendo eShop" have been resolved and they are now back up. #ServerUp #NintendoSwitch


[Server Down] The servers for "Nintendo eShop" are currently experiencing problems. Please wait until the issue is fixed. #ServerDown #NintendoSwitch


Holy ****. This just just makes the PSN thing even more of a non issue cause I completely forgot I had to make a US account to use the Nintendo eShop and I've been using it without issue since forever.


Anyone else having issues completing purchases on the eShop? #NintendoSwitch #NintendoeShop #eShop #Nintendo


Nintendo eShop is down.