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A simple neobank is a digital bank that offers basic banking services through a mobile app or website. These neobanks typically focus on providing a streamlined and user-friendly experience, without the complex features and services offered by traditional banks

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Pragathi India@IndiaPragathi

#Australia #OptusOutage Welcome to digital era. Network outage happens with every company in IT and it includes the service provider itself. Outage could be due to simple patch update to cable cut to cyber attack. -1 https://t.co/K4RLCCewJE

nj mom 32@NJMom32

Gather with international leaders to demand the release of the hostages immediately and the war will be over it’s that simple but our leaders are not working hard enough

Christopher Katzinski@AI_ChrisK

No access to GPT Builder (yet). So I did set up an assistant in the playground, it´s incredible! Now, I want to connect it via API to a simple bubble app. Refreshed playground, and assistant´s threads are gone 😱 Anyone else experiencing issues with OpenAI today?


You may say My marketing is not working, but why? It's pretty simple: You're either targeting the wrong audience Or/And Your content isn't well wrought.

ίδɾίς 〽️ ηαςίɾ@imnas__

Dear @stripe pls i lost my phone and i am trying to login but it keep on asking me for Authenticator code and the code is in my lost phone. Can you pls guide me on simple way to access my account

Heidi Schlumpf@HeidiSchlumpf

Pleading for acknowledgement of complexity and not simple outage.


If it's not working then we should continue the boycott If it's working then we should continue the boycott #BDS is that simple #FreePalestine #CeasefireNOW

Chris Pieta@chris_pieta

The core of service businesses is simple. Identify a problem. Propose a solution. Get paid.

Lady Bramwell@20thcenturyboyy

It's such a frustratingly simple conflict, with a right side and a wrong side. Centrism is a curse, the idea that all opinions matter, and the supercilious assertion that there's a middle ground to every conceivable issue, is a tragedy, and just plain stupid