Is T-Mobile down? ❌


T-Mobile US, Inc., commonly known as T-Mobile, is one of the major telecommunications companies in the United States. T-Mobile provides wireless voice, messaging, and data services to millions of customers across the country. They offer a range of mobile plans and device options for individual consumers, families, and businesses.

No problems at T-Mobile

Outage Reports

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T-Mobile outage reports · Jan 9, 2024


There were no incidents detected with T-Mobile on Jan 9, 2024.

Outage Map📍

T-Mobile outage map · Jan 9, 2024

Reports Summary

Overall on Jan 9, 2024 we received reports from Destin, Miami, Port Saint Lucie, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Rutherfordton, San Antonio, Virginia Beach, South Berwick, Afton, Brooklyn, Saint Marys


is t-mobile down or is it my phone 😭


I need help resolving an issue with my T-Mobile account. I requested my home internet line be cancelled in February. It wasn’t cancelled and I have continued to be billed for it. Working with reps via messaging has been a nightmare. Please help @TMobileHelp @eelison1


When did @TMobile customer service go down hill?? I use to almost always receive a state side rep that was in the same state as me and now the reps I get can’t understand a simple sentence. @TMobileHelp


Is T-mobile down cause wtf 🤬


Bye @TMobile after being a great customer of theirs since Voice stream days . I was out of phone service for 10 days due to a technical issue . Missed 3 days of work only to hear we are sorry for the inconvenience but here is $10 credit for our mess up.


Is it my phone or is T-Mobile tripping 😒


T-Mobile fix both of my phone’s now


Tmobile not working is a daily occurrence.


This T-Mobile outage is driving me CRAZY


Tmobile has been down for like 4 hours


Hey @TMobile @TMobileHelp when are you going to fix your signal? My phones are not working for a few hours now!


Anybody else Tmobile phones tripping 😡😡


Hey @TMobile I had zero issues for 12 years as a Sprint user. Fix your outage. I got a pregnant wife to think about. Phone out all day today. At least let everyone know you are working on it and acknowledge you have an outage.


Is it just me or is tmobile tripping again😡


tmobile service out apps not working? anyone else ?


Wish @TMobile would fix their app so that I can upgrade my phone.


My T-Mobile Home Internet is out. Something’s definitely up! Looks like the mob is trying to prevent something from coming out. 🤬 Cc: @z_tarot


Hey @TMobile @TMobileHelp Do you often give offers on #Tlife, have technical issues, then refuse to honor those saved offers?


Tmobile is down again. Can't send or receive texts in Houston, TX.


If I call you on FT audio don’t ask no questions. Just know that my phone is on, however T-Mobile hates my neighborhood.


What a day yesterday at the T-Mobile @LPGAMatchPlay. We're down to 8 on Saturday including the world's #1 player and @TMobile athlete, @NellyKorda


I hope fails from the NYC earthquake get actual scrutiny: - Why did a no infrastructure damage event take down Verizon & T-Mobile's mobile networks? - Why is EWR's backup ATC capability so poor? - Why did it take NYC 42 minutes to issue an alert? - Who approved this earthquake!?


Whatever that was T-Mobile fix my service I can’t call out 🫨☹️


Worst thing about this earthquake is that my phone service is down. Classic T-Mobile.


Tell my why my phone service is down and the earthquake wasn’t even where I live T-Mobile 🥲🥲🥲


**** tmobile is down now


No internet blows. Ordered @TMobile home Internet as a back up for situations like this. Look forward to trying it out 🫡


What phone service is better than T-Mobile ?


So I’m trying to redeem my @AuntieAnnes reward from T-mobile because, it expires today but, the app is not letting me log in or sign up and the contact number is not working. Please help me resolve this issue @AuntieAnnes. DM me 💯


lol @TMobile must hate me because the way i will analyze every bill and call immediately when it's a penny out of place 🤣 but to their credit , their customer service reps fix the issue every time !