Is Apple TV down? ❌


Apple TV is a streaming media player and digital media player developed by Apple Inc. It is used to stream videos, photos, and music from various sources to a high-definition television. Apple TV allows users to access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ as well as play games and access apps

No problems at Apple TV

Last incident: 4/3/2024

Past Incidents

April 2024
April 03 - 1 Incident, 1 hour 20 minutes total

Started approximately at 22:19 and ended around 23:40 lasting about 1 hour 20 minutes

March 2024
March 23 - 1 Incident, 41 minutes total

Started approximately at 01:09 and ended around 01:51 lasting about 41 minutes

March 21 - 1 Incident, 26 minutes total

Started approximately at 01:33 and ended around 02:00 lasting about 26 minutes

February 2024
February 25 - 1 Incident, 9 minutes total

Started approximately at 01:48 and ended around 01:58 lasting about 9 minutes


Soooo Spectrum got an outage in my area meaning I can’t do work on my computer at home or even watch my Apple TV so I feel I’m being forced to create or do something productive in that manner!


Oooo, Apple TV 4K down to $90 on Verizon? Might as well grab one, it's cheaper than the promise of decent gaming on Google Stadia! #ShotsFired #DontMissOut


This seems to be an inherent problem and hence no response from @Spotify @spotifyindia @SpotifyCares @SpotifyUSA @AppleTV Works fine with Apple Music @AppleMusic is Apple playing mischief?? 🤣


Hey @AppleTV we are never able to see any snoopy program in your app, it’s broken every five seconds and finally showing “network error”, I’ve tried different devices and different networks and everytime I have the same issue ☹️☹️


Hopefully this latest Apple TV software update will fix the connection issue with my device. It keeps randomly dropping the router connection & freezing up/pausing whatever I’m watching until it connects again. But every other device is connected to the router with no problems.


Am I the only one having problems with @StreamMaxNordic's app on AppleTv? feels like a roll of a dice if the content starts playing or not. If not the app crashes and needs to be restarted. Yes its updated, Yes I removed it and installed it again, Yes all other apps works fine.


M’s game on Apple TV unwatchable, keeps bugging out every other second. Anyone else having this issue?


Having Apple TV refer both to a hardware and an app is really confusing when trying to look up issues for one but not the other.


Is there a known issue with @AppleTV, it keeps saying I’m not logged in when clearly I’m logged in!


When your iPhone goes down it's almost the end of the world. Thank *** got my Macbook and my Apple watch and my iPad and my iPod touch and my Apple TV.


Anyone else having internet / connectivity issues with their @AppleTV ? App Store won’t load, Apple TV won’t load. Neither will YouTube. What’s going on @AppleSupport @Apple ?


Two episodes down of Drops of *** (Apple Tv) and I’m interested. It’s a drama series based around wine and wind culture, fyi.


Anyone else having issues watching the @IndyCaronNBC @peacock 500 replay on AppleTV? Mine makes it through Power’s crash, then has a segment with no sound, then just cuts out back to the App. Have tried closing app, restarting device.


Hey @Tesla, camp mode improvements: 1. Ability to power electronics w/o running climate continuously 2. Control the touchscreen via Tesla app if laying down in the back (something similar to the Apple TV remote would be great) 3. Seat / wheel profile attached to camp mode


Is it just me or @volleyballworld app doesn’t work well on Apple TV? I have constantly showing error “no content available” and need to re-sign, then while watching it , it signs me out on session . It works fine on mobile app , tablet


I’m enjoying #TheMsPatShow but for some reason episode one is not available. I wish that @AppleTV would fix this issue with their Apple TV channels because this is an ongoing problem with my subscriptions.


Is audio (@SoxBooth or the other streams) not working on @MLBTV app tonight? 🤨 hopefully they start since this is an Apple TV game.


Dude @AppleTV is actually scuff af 3x I try to click to watch what I want and it says “video unavailable” like bro what!? Don’t have this issue with @PrimeVideo or any other streaming app. wtf gives Apple? Please tell me cause I love paying for a service that doesn’t work 👌🏽😤


Idk wtf going on with Apple tv but they better fix that ****!


so we got 2 bundles that include every bug streaming service. disney, hulu and max netflix, peacock and apple tv. paramount is somewhere


.@AppleTV There is a glitch on AppleTV and cannot use web page. Can't even sign in. Adblocker turned off. No reason. It is on your end. PC running Windows 10 and Chrome. Please fix.


Anybody else’s Apple TV not working right now?? I cant watch a thing on it but everything else in my house works


Does anybody else have Premium for Spotify, and on the app you still get adverts? Can you fix this problem @SpotifyUK? It doesn’t happen on Apple TV or other devices.


The F1TV app giving me many loading issues today on apple tv, anyone else struggling as well? #F1


@KyrillosAridji AirPlay is only technically supported via an Apple TV Box, so using AirPlay directly to a smart TV can cause stability issues. Still, it is worth trying to delete and reinstall your app, ensuring it is up to date, and clearing your device cache - JB


Anyone else having internet connection issues watching @AppleTV Friday Night Baseball? I haven't had issues before. Hmm


There was a time when the Apple TV games really ****** me off. Now I couldn't care less.


Word on the street is that you have to buy the episodes from Amazon or Apple TV to get the uncensored versions. Subscribing to AMC+ is not sufficient. I wonder if there's anyone on here with AMC contacts that could suggest they fix this???


Currently working on an Apple TV app and was doing some tests with the older trackpad Siri Remote. Put it down next to the 13" iPad Pro I got yesterday and noticed that the iPad is thinner 🤯


This one episode a week thing with #DarkMatter’s not working for me @AppleTV. C’MON NOW.