Is Facebook down? ❌


Facebook is a social media platform and technology company founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates in 2004. Facebook's mission is to connect people and help them share and communicate with friends, family, and other individuals, as well as discover and engage with content from around the world

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Outage Reports

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There were 1 incident detected with Facebook on 5 Mar 2024:

Started at 15:24
17 hrs 5 mins

Started approximately at 15:24 and ended around 08:29 lasting about 17 hours 5 minutes

During the incident we received reports mainly from 🇺🇸 United States - Bessemer, Birmingham, Brewton, Florence, Madison, Mobile, Northport, Phenix City, Warrior, Wetumpka, Bentonville, Fort Smith, Harrison, Hot Springs, Little Rock, Mountain Home, North Little Rock, Siloam Springs, Springdale, Texarkana and 497 other cities

Outage Map📍

Facebook outage map · 5 Mar 2024

Reports Summary

Overall on 5 Mar 2024 we received reports mainly from Long Branch, 🇺🇸 United States


@facebook your helpdesk wizard is not helpful at all. My account was hacked but could not find any resolution on your page.


👍can I post this on Facebook? It’ll be down in 1 hour.


Randoms on Facebook be tripping 😭😭😭😭😭😭


The next time I log into facebook I'm gonna post "down bad crying at the gym" or something. My 50 something acquaintances will appreciate it


Facebook not working. Facebook is down in India. #facebookIsDown @Meta @facebook


down po ba facebook?


My Facebook been hacked for a few yrs now !!! Don’t talk to that page they on the gank


FB down the middle to make it a 4-3 game then getting the last out in 3 pitches lmaooooo


Hello @facebook ,my fb id shaktisingh.jasani has been hacked and I can't change my password....it show error message sorry something went wrong


Always send people to your own website first (or a mirror in case your main site is down). I've seen content moderation systems hide posts like this. You don't want Facebook being in the middle of critical comms!


My facebook account was hacked and who every did it was trying to use my debit card to purchase ads for their website. I shut it down. RIP Facebook, I Let You Go!


Is Facebook down? Nothing seems to be working.


@facebook everyone's Facebook account has been hacked today by requesting a phone number.


@ItaloPitbullArt @SSC_Costumes Trust me facebook is just as bad. My **** got hacked on there and Ive never been back since.


my account got hacked @facebook


#facebook down i think facebook is down, try logging in with my account. i'm logged out for a reason


Is it me o Facebook/Meta is down? Can’t login


Videos load very slowly on X. It's quite frustrating. Facebook might have a lot of issues but on this note they are quite fast. You should look into it. @elonmusk


@nickclegg can you help me, please? my @facebook account has been hacked by a person with a .ru email address who has removed me and my co-admin from my account. I use 2 part authentication. They disabled my account because of this. How can I now regain my access?


my @facebook account has been hacked by a person with a .ru email address who has removed me and my co-admin from my account. I use 2 part authentication. You disabled my account because of this. How can I now regain my access?


Facebook be tripping bruh


It has been 2 weeks since my Facebook account was hacked and disabled. Why can facebook not help me recover it? Why can Facebook not help? @facebook @meta


@facebook Hey Facebook My Account Was Hacked I am Not Able To Login Hacker Changed My Email Phone Number I Tried To Recover But When I Login The Same device wich I Used previously But it's show try Another Device I Tried With Same Network While Login Please Help Soon As Possibl


@facebook HELLO, My account was hacked yesterday... I received an email saying that my account had changed my password, then that I had added another email and then deleted my old Facebook email! Hackers set up 2-step authentication with an app and that's why I can't access


Is Facebook down again ?


Facebook just took me down a memory lane I didn’t want to know about but hey.


Is Facebook down? I'm just getting white squares.


Facebook is down the hall to the right


Does anyone else have the issue where Facebook Marketplace just freezes and ***** itself if you scroll more than a few categories?