Is Uplay down? ❌

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer, and communication service created by Ubisoft. It is used to access and play Ubisoft games on PC, as well as interact with friends and the Ubisoft community

No problems at Uplay

Past Incidents


Microsoft account is like whatever i already have one with OS. Rockstar account - annoying Origin - also annoying Epic - i literally couldnt my play games when service was down Uplay - “you don’t own your games” PSN - yes this is also annoying and a security risk


Went against a 5 stack of cheaters. 3rd game in a row, was #1200 champ now im #2500 because of this issue. Fix your game. Uplay is : S1T_Dwn , Purposely throws games to hide their stats, we have proof of that too. @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft


#UPlay still down?


wait i found a ghetto fix first you launch uplay on its own and log into your alt next you quit uplay and launch test server on your steam account (main account) uplay will be launched and logged into your alt, and bam no crackling


.@UbisoftSupport uplay friend list is offline