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DISH Network Corporation, commonly known as DISH, is an American satellite television provider. It offers a wide range of television programming and services to both residential and commercial customers across the United States.

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There were no incidents detected with Dish Network on Jan 12, 2024.

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Dish Network outage map · Jan 12, 2024

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Overall on Jan 12, 2024 we received reports from Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Schaumburg, Benton Harbor, Jackson, Twin Lake, Washington, Papillion, Silver Springs, Kittanning, Saint Marys, Bismarck, Casper

Past Incidents


Massively regretting trying to switch from @VirginMediaIE to @SkyIreland so far… already had to have an engineer out to fix the dish and we still don’t have the internet after 6 weeks & a skipped installation date today again with a text at 3pm to say it will now be 2 MORE WEEKS


Sit down to play video games notice I don’t have my water go to bedroom to grab water notice the PlayStation controller is not plugged in plug it in go back to game room to play games notice dirty dish take it to kitchen go back to game room and sit down to game and no water


Pathetic service by dish TV ...Recharged at 1 Pm and still below error .....@DishTV_India


What's the most interesting dish you've made during a power outage?


My wifi is down on all my TV apps (Netflix, Max, Paramount, Prime, Peacock) my DISH still works but only certain channels. What is going on?


Fly problem? Apple cider vinegar, sugar, dish soap and water… Thank me later.


Hey @Starlink early beta user here, love the service still have the v1 dish but there is an outage rn!


This is what the repair job looks like after the @dish installer zips the cable down the side of your house. Yay me.


Dear @DishTV_India and @Dishtv_DTH I have dish tv connection and i ha e recharge on 21st May and still error 102 low balance is showing and 3-4 times i have call to customer care but still no solution every time they are making waiting period no solution worst service


#DISH broken down by ⁦@WendeNGibbs⁩ #asnr24


Looking for a super smart technical person to get advice what I should do next. Dish tv having issues ever since I got different internet installed. **Shouldn't be related I know* *4* service calls. Not fixed. Who knows things in this area? I'll explain more in dm.


Anyone else having issues with the signal to their @skytv dish this evening?


I wonder if I could get my satellite dish down and do that?! #Switzerland #Eurovision #Eurovision2024


12:10 EDT. My internet is out. I'm on LTE now. Anyone else? Solar storms can cause problems like that. (DISH is working for me, too.)


I paid my cable bill not sure why it’s not working. But dish might wanna get on my line and get this fixed or refund me.


This is why Glitch has an auto feeder dish.


I had my first outage on Starlink service in several months! Turns out, the wind knocked over my satellite dish tripod, which was not anchored to the ground.


And dish Network and DirecTV are spammers as well that's how they're loop is for us for them to say oh no once we've installed them we can't take them down well yeah you can you can hijack you can ride ride the waves right


You have to be a complete dish!t not to see all the ship power issues around bridges the past few weeks and not wonder WTH is going on?


I have a satellite issue. Direct TV doesn't send a signal anymore they send a technician at $99.00 or subscribe to the technical service. Won't have TV until tomorrow. Where's that $500.00 Dish offer?


Freeview and sky shutting down their satellite dish services. They are moving to Internet service connection only. Freeview will be called freely. This is going to cost people a lot of money.


Still no Internet connection in remote, rural areas, only unreliable dish. We weren't important 😄


Hi, I am facing problem with Dish TV since last two days, please solve my problem.@DishTV_India


Dish had outage last night in Vegas Today performance is bad Maybe they throttle me because I speed test too much LMAO 🤣


UnitedHealth Says It Has Made Progress on Recovering From Massive Cyberattack: Dish Network Says Outage Caused by Ransomware Attack ... Sony shares information on the impact of two recent unrelated hacker attacks carried out by ...


Is anyone else having signal stability issue with DSTV before I go scatter my dish setting?


I am a long time customer of Airtel Dish TV. On 8/03/24 I recharged my TV for ₹330 through Paytm, till date the TV has not been recharged. Paytm recharge is showing successful but the problem still persists. Has being an Airtel customer become a curse for me???? @airtelindia


For the love of Super Earth, please fix the disconnects @helldivers2 @ArrowheadGS @Pilestedt I gotta dish out Libertea


📺 C2 BOYS 🏀: Down does the 2️⃣-seed! @NCHSKnightsBB defeat Ponca 62-23! WATCH LIVE Dish - 30 or 35 Allo - 181 Spectrum - 98, 99, 715, 1233 💻 - #nebpreps


Last night we touched down in the Windy City for @theAPBS conference! The lineup of presentations, learning opportunities, and networking awaits us. And of course we couldn’t resist diving into a hearty slice of #Chicago-style deep dish pizza to kick us off. 🎉😋🍕#APBS2024