Is TDS Telecom down? ❌


TDS Telecom is a leading telecommunications company that provides high-speed internet, phone, and TV services to residential and business customers. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, TDS Telecom offers reliable and affordable solutions to meet the communications needs of their customers

No problems at TDS Telecom

Past Incidents


The week is ending on just a delightful note when my internet access has been inconsistent at best, and @tdstelecom can't get anyone out to handle a repair for a week. Kind of a problem when my wife & I both work from home...


Hey, @tdstelecom, what’s the story with service in Sun Prairie, WI? Lots of folks reporting outage, yet nothing on your website.


Going on 30 hours of no internet at the house from @tdstelecom. Time to switch providers. Who’s got the best #internet service for #Knoxville?


11 hours of @tdstelecom being down down down down. problems problems problems......I literally lost a weeks worth of $$$. Thanks


2nd weekend this month with a @tdstelecom internet outage, any news on a recovery time for midcoast Maine?


Huge shoutout to @tdstelecom for being willing to come out yesterday and fix some stuff right away. Turns out it was operator error after all. I will be combining regular Saturday Marbles with Month End and Leap Day Marbles tomorrow, Saturday. Too many Momma Toe things today.💜