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Steam outage reports · 27 Dec 2023


There were no incidents detected with Steam on 27 Dec 2023.

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Overall on 27 Dec 2023 we received 1 report mainly from Noblesville

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Steam outage map · 27 Dec 2023

Anyone else have an issue with steam not registering Helldivers 2 as being closed bc it’s starting to look like I’m farming hrs


⚡️ Roskomnadzor added Steam to the register of prohibited sites If it is blocked, Russian users will lose access to profile pages, friends lists, discussions, workshop and trading platform. https://t.co/Je6B4kfJh7

Angelo Herrera@AngeloH96

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake sale mañana o es un error de Steam? https://t.co/YJdzuIV7rc


Dude I just accidentaly went online on steam after being set to offline for 190 days

Maximum Entertainment@MaximumEntmt

Check out @followFuro's YouTube Short summary of Until Then! 🦋 Download the demo and wishlist #UntilThen on Steam today: https://t.co/qnT1ILEL0D #indiegame #narrativeadventure https://t.co/kyvhE7H6MS

Robert dunn@frignito1985

Can anyone help everytime I go on cod through steam it keep freezing an giving directx error yet all my hardware turn and directx up to date does anyone have real fix for this


I have been saying this since 2004 but was brushed off and told to stfu. Especially hostile when you call out Steam and Gabe's stupid "it's a service problem" when hes basically the main reason this got normalized in the first place. https://t.co/EhoKnTetLH


I forgot my RDR2 email linked to my steam account as I haven't played it in years but tried to play today and can't because I don't remember the email.. I can understand why online players need an account but offline players shouldn't need one to play.. @RockstarGames


Today I'll be checking out Enshrouded live on stream! Make sure to tune in and also pick it up in early access on Steam down in the link below #ad https://t.co/4CWW2v6ZUD

The Bounty Hunter@AFilthyScav

Steam is acting up again. Says Fallout 4 is not installed despite it clearly being installed. I can launch it using NMM but I can't launch it from steam itself, or the Fallout 4 launcher in the Fallout 4 Folder cuz it will ask me to install the game. Anyone knows how to fix this?


so me, @atwoodotj, @KyaruOK and @therealzachypoo entered this competition and actually won. can’t believe it. we worked so hard on this, and im so proud of the boys 🥹✨🤘🏼 gonna have it on steam,,, but you can still play it on itch. will drop a link somewhere if anyone’s down

GravityCircuit - OUT NOW!@GravityCircuit

Open beta test for patch 1.1.1 is up on Steam! Can you acquire the newly implemented Big Medals? While this is not a big content patch, this patch seeks to improve performance and fix few issues. Notes (and opt-in instructions): https://t.co/J6VpgzZZgz #gamedev #pixelart https://t.co/rxd6qPhkRA

Steam Age Mindset@1894gang

Did they mess up the algorithm again? I don't see anyone I follow in the "for you" tab. It's all random slop. Engagement way down as well

Corky Thatcher@CSCorkyThatcher

Q: What happens on Steam if you ignore a friend invite and the person you ignore buys an item from your store? Is it OK to deliver without issue or does that person automatically go to a 'Do not trade' blacklist that you need to unban or smth? https://t.co/Z2Blbw8P51


The plan to replace Huawei is gaining steam. https://t.co/Cd9JvK6HdC

Scout Gaming (Pronouns are Mean/Gay)@SuperSpeedWeed

How crazy is it that valves anti-cheat is so ******* dogshit that people openly admit to being hackers in screenshots on steam and nothing happens lmfao @valvesoftware fix your **** https://t.co/sVCLhfQEQe

Megan Ryder@MrsRyderEDU

Today in 7th grade STEAM we practiced debugging code during our warm-up since we have been working on graph paper coding in class. Then we had an unplugged coding relay from @codeorg to see which team could work together to write the correct code. #Winfield34 https://t.co/L3Ks38SoV8

Fix Gaming Channel@fixGameing

Check out Steam Dinos Vs Robots Fest https://t.co/XcfVmnGRml @archor_wright #IndieGameDev #indiegames #games #steamdinosvsrobotsfest @TodayOnSteam https://t.co/Yd4qeBI7or

That Gamer Down the Street@Street_guyy

Yo #gamedevs, I heard it is #TrailerTuesday! Show your #indiegames, yt links, anything. ❤LIKE 🌟 REPLY #indiegames 🔁 REPOST 🪓🍒 #gamedev #indiegame #indiegamedev #game #gaming #itchio #pc #steam https://t.co/CARUBRw9Kz 🎁

Duelists of Eden (On Steam March 7th!)@DuelistsOfEden

Save the date, Duelists of Eden is releasing on Steam! Thursday, March 7th 3PM EST! https://t.co/yQ5E3wFwX3

Algorithms MDPI@Algorithms_MDPI

Welcome to read the article "A Novel Intelligent Method for Fault Diagnosis of Steam Turbines Based on T-SNE and XGBoost" which was published in issue 2 in 2023 and has been viewed 1402 times and cited 5 times! Article link: https://t.co/qxBZ2nQHZn @MDPI #faultdiagnosis https://t.co/pUPNYsO4n9

Sniper Team Dango Podcast@SniperTeamDango

@UbisoftSupport They finally got back to me and they keep trying to help me with Division 2 (a game I do not own) when I need help with Watchdogs 2 DLC. I'm also being told to buy the dlc on steam since I own the game on Steam but I already did that???


Helldivers would be fun If it wasn't constantly timing out my AMD drivers, constantly BSODing my PC because of the anti-cheat, and constantly shutting steam and discord. I'm basically unable to play until a fix of some kind is put through, and if the devs realize the KAC is bad.


Espresso machine broke today 😔 Water is pouring inside when I turn on the steam valve https://t.co/GG7NFehRPn


Guys I need help, does anyone know how to fix rocket league when it'll start its start up process but then quit almost immediately? Ive tried reinstalling it multiple times and tried through both steam and epic


We need NieR Reincarnation to be made available offline and put on steam ASAP https://t.co/1CMpqoLS0T

The Don@FatherDon_

Is there anything 15 minutes in the steam room can’t fix


so it sounds like most of obvious bugs (achievements and few visual glitch) are actually fixed on Epic since 16th february, but not on Steam, and no any official statement...Tim Sweeney bought exclusivity on bugfix? can someone explain? @AspyrMedia @tombraider

Richard Simpson / Moro@RichardSimp

Nice! Honestly, one of the ways the Xbox severely lacks now that they've tackled most the weird save and install issues is the developer and community experience compared to Steam. Looks like they're finally starting to tackle that. https://t.co/dD97GCHLhx


Sometimes I see a friend from sixth form on steam, who I haven't talked to in years, and I notice they're still using the same SFM profile picture I made for them like 8 years ago. I can't help but smile at that fact. It was of their TF2 mercenary, kind of an OC of theirs.