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Steam is a digital distribution platform and online gaming community developed by Valve Corporation

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There were 1 incident detected with Steam on 23 Apr 2024:

Started at 22:12
9 mins

Started approximately at 22:12 and ended around 22:21 lasting about 9 minutes

During the incident we received reports mainly from 🇷🇺 Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Naberezhnyye Chelny, Moscow, Krasnogorsk, Armavir, Nefteyugansk

Outage Map📍

Steam outage map · 23 Apr 2024

Reports Summary

Overall on 23 Apr 2024 we received reports mainly from 🇷🇺 Russian Federation - Volgograd, Saint Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Naberezhnyye Chelny, Moscow, Krasnogorsk, Armavir, Surgut, Nefteyugansk


Is anyone else's EA launcher STILL not working? I am lucky that I can launch through Steam, or I would be screwed.


bro... its time to let go that nintendo switch got all of these wiped down and steam deck too


I'm pretty sure it is a memory issue, I've download 70 Gb of 138Gb (Borderlands 3) and no restarts of Steam


Why the **** is the xbox buying steam hoax going around again... this **** pops up every few months and it always gets shut down...


So, my Steam Deck has had some very random rapid battery drain issues, and I put in a request from Steam Support. They said to see if I could replicate the issue. Not only could I not do that, but the Deck's battery health went down 8% since then. So, that's fun.


So, why does steam do this? eventually it will give a write error, but like, what the ****. Why does this do this?!


Honestly I think Steam has done as much for promoting indie games as they realistically could. There's just too many of them


Good news, bad news. Good news, @billybobjoedir7 popped in and chatted in my steam! Thank u so much Legend. You rock! Bad news, My main PC is still randomly resetting while I live stream ☹️ Gonna start swapping parts to locate the root cause of the issue. This will not stop me!


@fordnation @PrabSarkaria So that’s why you destroyed any environmental assessment process? So you could steam roll over the farms and wetlands and put down your unnecessary coating of bitumen and create a huge greenhouse gas process that will cost Ontarians billions?


Hey @Steam @valvesoftware @CounterStrike fix your ******* game. Cheaters in every game, ranked, wingman . EVERYWHERE, where we try to finish the game the quickest possible and to not stimulate these ******* cheaters WE GET PENALTIES WHILE THEY CHEAT FREELY ?


@ATVIAssist @Activision someone linked their steam account without my permission now I’m under review for ban. Can’t unlink it due to the review. What can I do?


@ATVIAssist how do I open a case if someone hacked my activision account and linked a fraudulent Steam account? I already changed my password but I need to make sure no illicit activity or fraudulent charges were made.


The fact that my call of duty activision account got hacked that i spent so much time and money on and @Activision @CallofDuty @ATVIAssist is not even trying to help me? You allowed someone on steam to change everything and going to say no suspicious activity? Are you kidding me?


#firewall_cyberdefense #indiegame Updated FIREWALL: Cyber Defense to fix a Linux bug where the buttons wouldn't respond to the mouse. This may also make the game Steam Deck compatible.


The idea valve would except any dollar amount is laughable. There is 0 universe in which steam would ever hand over the single largest distribution platform of video games to a company that just shut down a bunch of studios. Microsoft and Sony is literally everything steam isnt


I draw a line here. Microsoft buying steam would give them such an absurd majority in the gaming market share. I would call this one a monopoly. And they'd force valve to churn out ****** games and then just close them down and take ownership of Steam.


they just closed down 7 diffrent studios and you think them buying steam is good you dont need to be a ******* rocket scientist to see how bad that would go


So yesterday during the power outage I played a bit more of A Zephyr Heights Mystery, and ... Is the game broken on Steam Deck? I'm trying to 100% the game, but several NPCs won't talk to me, and the few who do want emojis I don't have.


POV: linear steam bug gets fixed


We're weeks away from Steam Next Fest Demo, but I already helped a dev fix two bugs, including a crash. Early Demos are so useful to fix some unusual things before they hit a wider audience.


Update on the internet issues. Nope. Tried resetting router, tried dns flushing etc. Still got limited access (Google, YouTube, Wikipedia etc) but blocks others (Reddit, Steam app, BattleNet app etc). It also affects other devices (phone, Switch, Steam Deck etc)


Anyone experience this error? I can't seem to sign-in but I was able if it's directly with steam. @kaidrochronicle


Had connection issues with Dying Light 1 online co-op so me and bro decided to download Palia on steam since it’s free… just started and am already addicted! Love the graphics and just peaceful and relaxing to play…


Anyone else getting this error? if so, did you find a solution for this? I have tried a few things I found on Steam forums and Google without luck. #ghostoftsushima #suckerpunch #steam @SuckerPunchProd


Do NOT ever buy a Steam Deck Docking Station. It's a scam, they do not work. They haven't for almost a year and steam knows they aren't working and have done nothing to repair it. #Steamdeck @valvesoftware fix something before selling it.


Ffs no internet. Only accessing sites like Google and YouTube but can’t connect to things like Steam, Battle net or Reddit.. Gonna have to reset my router again but it seems like that doesn’t work. Twitter help me


I like how Steam basically just found an infinite money glitch


so xbox could be lookn to buy steam **** off Xbox if u buy steam then shut it down n years ur gonna **** off the pc fanbase n could have multiple law suits xbox could be the death of steam n pc gamin they have to be stopped! sorry im just ****** right now!


Can someone help out a fellow gamedev with their Steam issue?


The problem is that Atalanta will soon run out of steam